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Doctor Who gaming accessories look awesome (yes, they're really geeky)

The BBC seems quite serious about having Doctor Who make an impact in the world of video games. We’ve already gotten the downloadable Doctor Who adventure games for the PC along with having Wii and DS games on deck for next month.  But now the BBC is expanding the Doctor Who video game license a bit with these new accessories for the Wii and Nintendo DS.

God of War 3 art book announced

If there’s one game that never ceases to amaze with its amazing concept art its God of War.  The wildly popular franchise has always had some of the best concept art, most of which show Kratos in iconic action poses and involve him looking like a bad ass.  In the past we’ve been lucky to have some of the GOW concept art made available to us, whether it’s via artist blogs or through Limited Edition strategy guides.

Capcom Unveils Special Online Exclusive Edition of Dead Rising 2

Capcom unveils yet another special edition of Dead Rising 2 that will only be available for purchase via Capcom's online store site.

The unique set is called "The High Stakes Edition" and will cost $89.99 for either the Xbox 360 or PS3 version.

If you are willing to drop the 90 plus bucks (don't forget the shipping) on this groovy set, you will get:

Ubisoft Announces Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition.

Ubisoft unveils the details today surrounding the batch of goodies that will come with the Collector's Edition of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. It will cost you about $100 and will come in two variations depending on where you purchase your edition.

The centerpiece of the collection will be two unique Jack-in-the Boxes collectibles with working key that you insert and turn to pop out either a Harlequin head which is a Gamestop only exclusive or a Doctor head which will be available at all other retailers.

Other contents to be included:

New Alien Anthology Blu-Ray Box Set Will Make Your Home Theater Scream.

If you are a Sci-Fi buff such as myself and many of my fellow Shogun Gamer community members then you should be aware that the Alien movie franchise (with the exception of the fourth movie which was meh) is one of the most influential and beloved Sci-Fi cinema ever.

Disney and Marvel team up for TRON comic book

Last week was amazing if you’re a fan of TRON since the San Diego Comic Con served as the source of an overflowing amount of goodness.  Not only was there a panel with the TRON: Legacy cast, but a new 8 minute clip was shown along with a new theatrical trailer that was simply awe-inspiring.  Now the TRON hype machine continues to blaze down the Game Grid with the announcement of TRON: The Betrayal from Marvel Comics.

An update on the "pricey" Rockstar Games art book

Remember that rather awesome but extremely pricey Rockstar Games art book that was revealed a few weeks ago?  Well turns out that the book has sadly been scrapped and an entirely new Rockstar Games book project is in the works.

First images of Dead Space Ignition

Last week EA revealed Dead Space Ignition, a new prequel to Dead Space 2.  With Dead Space being the next big thing now it isn't surprising that EA has decided to capitalize on its new property with as many spin-off projects as they can.  When EA announced Dead Space Ignition the concept sounded interesting but many wondered how it would be executed.  Thanks to the recent shindig EA threw we have our first look at the new sci-fi horror of Dead Space Ignition.

New Bayonetta statue/model kit is provocative and highly awesome

Bayonetta may not quite be a video game icon yet but she’s slowly making her way to becoming one if the ever increasing wave of products is any indication.  Obviously one may assume Bayonetta is getting such attention since she’s a hot video game heroine who doesn’t take any gruff. Well I must admit that assumption is correct. But Bayonetta’s appeal isn’t just of the sensual variety as her design is rather unique. Well if gamers want to stare at Bayonetta and bask in her glory every day then they can with this new Bayonetta statue/model kit.

Rockstar announces a massive art book collection

Slowly but surely game publishers have started to release massive art books for popular game franchises.  In the past we’ve gotten art books as pre-order bonuses but a measly 25 page book is nothing compared to a behemoth like the Uncharted 2 limited edition art book.  Now the kind folks at Rockstar Games are giving us an art book and it could end up being the best ever released.

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