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Valve and Gaming Heads Announce The Latest Team Fortress 2 Statue

A theme that seems to be establishing this week is for companies to unveil really cool video game statues that the average gamer probably won’t obtain due to the high cost.  Yesterday we saw the massive and perhaps bombastic Bayonetta statue, and today we have the latest offering from Valve and Gaming Heads in the form of the Team Fortress 2 Soldier statue.

Ico novelization finally coming to North America

One of the many reasons that Ico is a classic is because the game doesn’t have a complex or deeply explained story.  Aside from the opening cutscene there’s not a lot explained from a story standpoint but that's actually one of the strong points of the game. Being able to roam around a castle with a mysterious pale girl in tow while shadow monsters hunt you is pretty captivating upon itself.

Toy collector freak out time: Zone of the Enders Revoltech figure coming out

Being a fan of Zone of the Enders is somewhat agonizing as its been eight years since we received Zone of the Enders 2.  The second installment of the ZOE franchise didn’t set the sales charts afire, but the series has a loyal fanbase who is desperately yearning for a HD installment. Hideo Kojima hasn’t done us any favors as we merely get teases of ZOE 3 but nothing ever concrete as to whether the series will return. But hey, at least we have this kick-ass Zone of the Enders Revoltech figure to satisfy our ZOE fandom.

Shogun Gamer Holiday Contest

With the Holiday season still lingering, I thought it would be nice to reward some of y’all with some stuff – specifically free games and a kick-ass figure. You see, I’m not a completely jaded punk and instead I’m a bit of a softy and kind chap who thought it would be nice to give some of our loyal readers a reward of sorts. So to cap of 2010 and start 2011 off with a bang, I’m giving away two free games and a figure from the Square Enix Play Arts Kai series.

Onimusha returns in the form of a high-end figure

Capcom may have effectively put the Onimusha franchise out to pasture after the disappointing release of Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, but if you’re like me, a gamer who somewhat can’t let go of the past, then you may be happy to see this piece of Onimusha merchandise. Yes, it may have been over four years since the last Onimusha game was released, but toy/statue manufacturer Enterbay is releasing a new product based on Onimusha protagonist Akechi Samanosuke.

TRON: Legacy soundtrack dated and bonus goodies announced

Fans of buttery beats and the world of TRON will be happy to hear that Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy soundtrack will be available on November 22nd.  For the folks who haven’t been following every piece of info concerning TRON: Legacy like I have, the iconic techno duo Daft Punk is behind the original score for Disney’s upcoming sequel to the cult classic TRON.

Shogun Gamer News Wrap-up: Sept. 20 - Sept. 24

Compared to the news mega week that we had last week due to TGS 2010, this week was really slow on the news front.  As always a few interesting rumors, trailers and tidbits came forth, but aside from that not much else happened. I guess everyone is collectively trying to recoup after TGS before all our minds melt due to the impending influx of Holiday video game releases.

Inject a little bit of Dead Space style in your every day life

Dead Space fans should take note that they can know partially look like protagonist Isaac Clarke when they’re on the go if they pick up this new Dead Space backpack.  Officially released by EA, the backpack mimics the spine apparatus that’s so prominently featured on Isaac’s armor in Dead Space.  As is always the case with video game merchandise, such cool things won’t come without a steep price tag but EA is holding a special promotion for those who want to get their Dead Space style on.

[PSA] TRON: Legacy soundtrack website is now up

This isn’t exactly big news, but the official website for the TRON: Legacy soundtrack is now live. The reason this is worth noting is because Daft Punk is composing the score for the film. Techno buttery beats combined with slick visuals and action should make for a mix that will blow the collective minds of every TRON and sci-fi action fanboy out there.

Here's a reason to pick up the Capcom Girls Calendar

Awhile back ago I covered the Capcom Girls Calendar. Set to release shortly in Japan, the calendar is pretty self explanatory. Those who love the art of Capcom will no doubt appreciate the calendar as it features renditions of famous characters done in unique art styles.

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