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Rockstar Games Releases The First Major GTA Figure


I may only be a young 25 year-old chap, but I feel incredibly old since Grand Theft Auto III is officially ten years old.  It seemed like yesterday when I was roaming the streets of Liberty City listening to classical music or Lazlow while evading the cops or merely seeing how many pedestrians I could run over on my way to the stunt ramp near the train tracks.  GTAIII was a game that essentially spawned a whole era of games and it’s definitely an all-time classic.

WB Games Finally Reveals First Series Of Figures For Batman: Arkham City

With Batman: Arkham City finally coming out next month that means we’re finally going to see the first of many tie-in products for the game. Based on the runaway success Batman: Arkham Asylum received and the general fandom for all things Batman related, Warner Brothers is pushing Batman: Arkham City as far as they can and that of course means we’re getting action figures based on the Dark Knight’s latest adventure.

Zone of the Enders Returns To The Merch Arena Once More Thanks To Kotobukiya

We have yet another cool development on the video game memorabilia front as Kotobukiya are spinning their magic once more but this time it’s for Zone of the Enders.  Gamers who either have deep pockets or love to be poor yet have nice things should be familiar with Kotobukiya as they’ve produced a series of amazing video game statues in the past for properties Batman: Arkham City, Tekken and Shadow of the Colossus, the latter of which I owned a statue of before it be

Halo: Anniversary Gets Some Pre-Order Goodies

I didn’t get into Halo really until the second game. Quite honestly the release of the first game wasn’t as “landmark” for me as it was a bunch of others in the industry and quite a few of my friends. I found the first game rather repetitive, and the whole time I was kind of bummed that Bungie had strayed so far from their original vision of the series (remember when Halo was an RTS for the Mac?). Regardless, it’s coming back in anniversary format, with shiny new graphics and all kinds of bells and whistles for fanboys of the ‘classic’ Xbox FPS.

New No More Heroes 2 Figure Is Provocative Yet Really Awesome

If you’ve been reading Shogun Gamer for a while now you probably know I adore the No More Heroes franchise.  The first No More Heroes game was one of the reasons I bought a Wii, if not the only reason, and I try to own as much NMH stuff as my budget can allow me.  So with how high I revere the No More Heroes franchise, just imagine my reaction upon hearing the news that a No More Heroes figure of Sylvia Christel is finally available for pre-order.

Konami Announces New Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Clothing Line

The reach of the Metal Gear Solid franchise has no boundaries as we’ve seen products for the franchise range from affordable action figures, high-end statues, limited edition clothing and even MGS branded food (which sadly was exclusive to Japan).  Once again the MGS franchise is reaching out to gamers who want to express their fandom of the series by wearing t-shirts and clothing that aren’t of a Hot Topic quality. Instead, if you want what appears to be high-end clothes based on MGS then you may want to check out what Konami has announced today.

Sony Announces A New Promotion Rooted In Grooming

Sony is continuing their push at promoting their major 1st party games through mainstream products with the latest promotion being a partnership targeted for gamers who may need to shave their neck beards every now and then.  Hitting shelves this week are a series of Edge and Schick products adorned with PlayStation characters ranging from a Helghast soldier to Cole from Infamous 2. Yes, the PlayStation brand has now invaded the male grooming market.

ThinkGeek Creates Portal 2 Hoodie

I’m a proud gamer. I have been for years. It’s not uncommon to see me rocking a video game themed t-shirt, sporting a slick branded hooded sweat-shirt or carrying my gear around in a series-specific bag. I, like most proud gamers, gladly fly the flag of video game nerd-dom and more specifically get a little excited at the prospect of a sexy new piece of video game garb.

PixelJunk Shooter Fans Should Take Note Of These Cool T-Shirts

Video game clothing can always be a touchy thing since it’s easy to go overboard.  We all love the video games we play and some of us have no problem representing that fandom for all to see, but occasionally we’ll see t-shirts that are overly gaudy, look extremely cheap and worst of all aren’t made of a high quality.  Now some t-shirts have been made for one of my favorite video games and thankfully they fall under the rare occasion when a video game t-shirt actually looks good.

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