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Take-Two promises not to tease us about GTA5

Yesterday Take-Two held their Q3 Earnings call and besides all the financial mumbo jumbo and release date confirmations Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick probably said the best quote we’ll ever get this generation.  When asked about when we can expect some form of an announcement or tease concerning GTA5 Strauss had this to say:

What will Disney's acquistion of Marvel mean for the movie and game properties?

Today we witnessed perhaps the most unpredictable corporate acquisition and pairing that we will ever see for some time. In case you’re unaware to the shockwaves that have been going through the world of comic books and general geekdom it was announced that Disney, known for cute musicals and family friendly films, would be purchasing Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion. I almost feel like an evil music cue or maniacal Dr. Doom laugh should play after someone says that price.

Andrew W.K. gives Gundam a rock edge

If you weren’t aware this year marks the 30th anniversary of the popular Gundam franchise.  If you have no clue what the hell Gundam is then I simply suggest you Google it and catch up on what you’re messing. But to put it simply Gundam involves giant mechs used in battles and the series is essentially Japan’s version of Star Wars in terms of popularity.

Capcom set to announce several new games at TGS

In the ongoing trend of publishers/developers teasing announcements of announcements of announcements, ala Hideo Kojima, Capcom has posted via their Twitter page that several new games will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show next month.

Prior to E3 this year Capcom did a similar tease which did turn out to be pretty good as we got the announcement for Resident Evil for the PSP. But the announcement of a RE game on the PSP wasn’t really the megaton announcement some would hope it would be.

A Final Fantasy spin-off was being made by....

For the past few years there have been rumors of Final Fantasy getting an action oriented spin-off game, particularly a Final Fantasy VII action game. Yes, Dirge of Cerebus was released and was quite lackluster but still the rumors persisted that we may one day see a Final Fantasy game that once again ditches RPG mechanics for straight up action. Well today the lid has been blown on a cancelled Final Fantasy action game and I think we should all be glad it never met the light of day.

Chicago Comic Con 09 fails to impress

Last week the geeks of the Midwest gathered in the suburb of Rosemont as it was time for Chicago Comic Con 09, formerly known as Wizard World. The event is usually a blast to attend due to the guests who show up and the various booths fromcomic and media companies but in my seven years of attending the event I found things to be a tad bit lackluster this year.

EA could be going old school

It looks like Electronic Arts could be rebooting some old school franchises as several trademarks have been recently filed which include Road Rash and Wing Commander. Perhaps EA is ready to breathe new life into these franchises or maybe we all should dial back our expectations.

Student faces 10 years in prison if convicted for modifying game consoles.

A Southern California college student has been arrested for modifying and selling game consoles for the sole use of playing pirated games. The accused, 27-year-old Matthew Crippen will face up to 10 years in prison for violating the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

No word on which consoles he was modifying specifically. It's also unclear the size of his modification operation. He posted bail Monday night and other media attempts to contact Matthew for commenting have been unsuccessful.

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