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THQ is jumping into the game-specific controller business

It seems like companies are jumping aboard the peripheral bandwagon since games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band have proved that consumers are willing to dish out extra cash to enhance their gaming experience. This trend is entering its make or break year with the releases of DJ Hero and Tony Hawk: Ride, with the latter being the bigger wildcard of the two.

Many have been ragging, and rightfully so, on Activision for in a way ramming this down our throats but now other 3rd party publishers are jumping on the bandwagon with the latest being THQ.

Girl builds real Katamari ball controller. I want one.

A very smart, very awesome girl named Kellbot who has a love for Katamari has made a prototype for what I consider to be the the ultimate Katamari controller. I really hope Namco sees this video and this controller is made in a retail market (dare to dream).

Wii gets Street with some hardware add-ons

While most who do Grafitti have run ins with the cops, paint all over their hands, and criminal records. The Wii has given those who are not quite ready to trade in their khaki's for that bad boy image a chance to paint all over walls. The WiiSpray originally designed about two years ago has been getting more attention as of late as the ability to save and collaborate on works of art has improved. The ability to network your art and have others add to it has brought the invention back in the lime light backed by a major player in the graff scene Montana paints.


The Kill Dot - Beacause Video Games are Hard

Today I decided I would finally purchase Killzone 2. Before I go all the way to the mall, I thought I would check eBay first just to see if there's a big price difference. So I jump over to eBay and type "Killzone 2" into the general search bar as usual. I immediately sorted my results by "Price + Shipping: Lowest First" and start scanning the first page.

After scrolling through a page or two of crappy auctions with titles like "PS3 KILLZONE 2 (CASE ONLY)," I stumbled upon this interesting auction title:

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