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S#!T You Want - Toys you wanted, that you never got!

Welcome to the 3rd Week of Cool S#!T You Want. This week we focus on the saddest part of any North American kid’s life. Not receiving that one toy you really, really, wanted. Welcome to Cool S#!T You Want’s Toys I wanted I never got.


S#!T You Want - Things that suck, and things that blow... other things up

Welcome to the 2nd Week of Cool S#!T You Want. Last week we did a special on gaming gear of yester year’s. This week we have a nice round up of Cool S#!T You Want from around the web. Be sure to comment and as always if you have something you’d like us to review or post. Enjoy, and submit your S#!T You Want requests on our contact page.

QuarterSave: First of 2010 Edition EP21

Welcome to QuarterSave’s first official podcast of the New Year! That’s right; the whole crew is back again this week. Evil Casey, Good Casey, and Neutral Robert have all returned. This week’s podcast features our thoughts on the New Year’s rush. With the amount of games that have been pushed back, and now the backlog that it has created, is the new standard of having a bunch of big titles in Q1 a good or a bad thing?

S#!T You Want'ed - Old School Gaming Gear

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2010’s first installment of Cool S#!T You Want. Our commitment to bringing you the coolest, newest, and most limited gear from around the interweb has brought us into 2010, and we will make it our best year.

Peripheral Renaissance: Spotlight Nyko CES 2010

Second in my continuing series of looks into the world of third-party hardware development is Nyko. This is another company that’s been floating around for a number of years making a wide range of hardware options for those of us that didn’t want or didn’t know about first party options. Now Nyko isn’t a company that I have the personal history of that I alluded to with Mad Catz. By the time Nyko was making accessories I’d already learned my lesson with my InterAct and Mad Catz items.

CES 2010 Mega Podcast - Everything from meeting Dr Evil to Chicken & Waffles

Due to the hectic schedule that Corey and I have been doing our best to maintain it’s been impossible to get together to do a podcast over the last couple of nights like we originally planned. I don’t think either of us knew just how much we were biting off when we signed up to cover this convention. Even as a couple of writers only covering the gaming portion of the show we were blown away by the amount of things we’ve seen this week. Now you can get a summary of our entire CES experience, which ranges from everything from photos with Dr. Evil to meeting up with the Frag Dolls.

Peripheral Renaissance: Spotlight Mad Catz CES 2010

For anyone who grew up in the 90s as I did third-party peripherals generally hold a negative stigma about them, especially if you happened to be a Nintendo fan. The N64 controllers that were launched throughout the consoles life-cycle were quite possibly some of the worst offenses ever made to the gaming community.

S#!T You Wants - Top 10 of the year !

Welcome to the year end top 10  S#!T You Want picks. It's been a busy inaugural year. But we have managed to save some of your favorite wants of the year and bring them together in a list. We hope in the coming year we can continue to bring you the best stuff from around the world. All of the collected picks are below with their original post hot linked in their title.

Star Wars Memorabilia gets a Holiday Booster Shot!

This Holiday Season, if you have that Star wars fan in mind. The myriad of choice at your fingertips can be dizzying. Adding to the selection pile comes two complete collectors packs from New era and Adidas.

S#!T You DO NOT Want - For this Holiday Season and the rest of Eternity

Welcome to our special week #24 of Cool S#!T You DO NOT Want. Don't forget to check out Cool S#!T You Want to compare what you should and should not buy this holiday season. Enjoy, and submit your S#!T You Want requests on our contact page.

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