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First Details And Screens For Fuse, The New Title From Insomniac Games

The long awaited return of Overstrike, now dubbed Fuse, has finally happened and the game looks to be what we expected, both in the good and bad department.  It was two weeks ago in which we were promised a Fuse reveal and today we have our first in-game screens from the title along with some basic gameplay details.  If you expected Insomniac to deliver in the action department then all is good but if you wanted the 2011 premier trailer to be indicative of the final product then you may be a tad disappointed.

First Details and Trailer For The Jak & Daxter Collection

After rumors swirled for months Sony officially announced that the Jak & Daxter Collection was indeed coming to the PlayStation 3 and now we finally have a trailer for it.  Announced on the PlayStation Blog, the Jak & Daxter Collection will be arriving on the PlayStation 3 in February, just like a half dozen other epic games slated for early 2012.

New Line Cinema Is Prepping Film Version Of The Arcade Classic Rampage

Making films based on video games still seems to be a popular thing to do these days but what’s even more popular is adapting classic retro games into films.  We may still be a few years away from seeing Pac-Man be turned into a major motion picture, but with studios planning film adaptations of video games like Asteroids (that’s not a joke) I guess we can expect way more classic games to make the celluloid jump, the latest of which is Rampage.

Konami Announces New Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Clothing Line

The reach of the Metal Gear Solid franchise has no boundaries as we’ve seen products for the franchise range from affordable action figures, high-end statues, limited edition clothing and even MGS branded food (which sadly was exclusive to Japan).  Once again the MGS franchise is reaching out to gamers who want to express their fandom of the series by wearing t-shirts and clothing that aren’t of a Hot Topic quality. Instead, if you want what appears to be high-end clothes based on MGS then you may want to check out what Konami has announced today.

ThinkGeek Creates Portal 2 Hoodie

I’m a proud gamer. I have been for years. It’s not uncommon to see me rocking a video game themed t-shirt, sporting a slick branded hooded sweat-shirt or carrying my gear around in a series-specific bag. I, like most proud gamers, gladly fly the flag of video game nerd-dom and more specifically get a little excited at the prospect of a sexy new piece of video game garb.

BlackBerry Steps into Tablets with the New PlayBook

Just when you thought the tablet challengers had all been flushed out. BlackBerry after a few months of rumors brings their new iPad contender to the stage. Dubbed the PlayBook, it has more than a few upgrades that trump Apple's first version of the iPad. Full specs can be seen HERE.

Inject a little bit of Dead Space style in your every day life

Dead Space fans should take note that they can know partially look like protagonist Isaac Clarke when they’re on the go if they pick up this new Dead Space backpack.  Officially released by EA, the backpack mimics the spine apparatus that’s so prominently featured on Isaac’s armor in Dead Space.  As is always the case with video game merchandise, such cool things won’t come without a steep price tag but EA is holding a special promotion for those who want to get their Dead Space style on.

Custom Daft Punk Helmet by Mr.KRIX

We at Shogungamer have continually showed our love to the fan Art genre. Be it through Paper craft rundowns to custom Ironman armor features. We love getting a chance to see what a little hard work and a whole lotta determination can accomplish in the right set of hands.

TRON Legacy merchandise revealed

Last week I was lucky enough to get some hands-on time with the upcoming TRON video games TRON: Evolution and Tron: Evolution – Battle Grids.  As a hardcore TRON fan it was definitely an E3 highlight to get a glimpse at TRON’s video game debut on the current video game systems.  Now Disney has revealed the rest of their plans for TRON as they have unveiled some of the core merchandise for TRON Legacy.

S#!T You Want - World Dictator special.

Welcome to the 13th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. With the excitements and disappointments of E3 complete. We can once again focus on what makes us happy, Stuff. This week we try and answer the difficult question" What would you buy if you were a world dictator/leader"?

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