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Exclusive Interview

We interview EA Tiburon about their innovative game Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online powered by Unity 3D

Back in early August we were invited to attend a Unity 3D party and info session which left us intrigued with this new technology. By the end of the two days we had one major question on our minds: Is Unity 3D the future development platform for Mobile, Browser, PSN, Wii and XBLA?

S#!T You Want - Movie memorabilia week

Week 8 of Cool S#!T You Want comes to us this week via the force. For this our 2 month special, we here at ShogunGamer decided to take a look at the goods that give films that extra bit of greatness. The iconic pieces, the rare gems, and the geekdom trophies that give movies, a special aura about them.

With this in mind we collected some reproductions, fan favorites and rare one of a kind pieces for your viewing pleasure. So sit back, kick up your feet and pull out that credit card. eBay is calling your name.

As always, if you or your company have a product or service you think we at Shogungamer would call some excellent Cool S#!T. Feel free to contact me via Michael-Sean, and I will be sure to contact you with all the information we require, Enjoy!

Exclusive interview with Capybara Games about their upcoming PSN game Critter Crunch

In the weeks leading up to this years E3 we featured a game called Critter Crunch that will be making its way to the PSN on this summer. The game features unique looking characters (one of whom appeared to be vomiting rainbows...awesome!) and a very interesting looking “food chain” puzzle system. Needless to say the Shogun staff wanted to find out more about this game and the team behind it.

ShogunGamer Exclusive: Ghetto Golf pre E3 interview with Co-Founder of IllFonic!

The first time we got wind of Ghetto Golf was back in April of 09. Since then it has been making its way around rumor mills and review boards. However, no one's really gotten enough information to really know anything concrete. You wanted the info, So we got it!

Shogungamer tracked down Illfonic --The creators of Ghetto Golf-- and got an exclusive interview along with some exclusive pre E3 screenshots. Enjoy!

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