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Exclusive Interview

QuarterSave: Interview with Nick Waanders, Slick Entertainment EP38

This week we have a special treat for all our QuarterSave listeners. As promised we have some interviews lined up, and this is the first of them. Nick Waanders of Slick Entertainment drops by the show to discuss their two-man studio, the industry, and plans for the future. In case any of you are not aware Slick Entertainment are the guys that ported N+ over to the Xbox Live Marketplace, and more recently built Scrap Metal from the ground up. An impressive feat for two people on its own, which is compacted by the fact that they built all their own tools as well.

TAF 2010 - Exclusive Interview with Afro Samurai Producer, Hiroshi Kumada

At TAF 2010 ShogunGamer had a chance to sit down and chat with Hiroshi Kumada. You may recognize his name from a long list of projects such as: Co-Producer on Afro Samurai: Resurrection, Vice President of International sales at Gonzo, and Licensing department at the same company. He has his hand in a widely growing international market. His experience and expertise in the Anime realm makes him a hot commodity; coupled with his latest production experience.

Exclusive Interview with Dan Paladin, Art Director from The Behemoth - And gold PS3/360's to boot!!!

Castle Crashers has been by far one of the greatest hits to come out of downloadable game market. Even with most of its rewards and honors being bestowed in 2008, it still continues to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. However, The Behemoth is not a one trick pony. Having produced the ever popular Alien Hominid they are now currently working on Battle Block Theatre.

TAF 2010 - ShogunGamer at Tokyo Anime Fair - Naruto to.... whatever that bear is ...

Welcome to ShogunGamer's Coverage of the Tokyo Anime Fair 2010. This year rather than sending the smartest most knowledgeable member of our staff to cover this world wide event, they sent me.

This is not such a bad thing, as it opens up a great opportunity for our members. If you'd like a certain interview conducted, a picture taken, or some memorabilia grabbed email me at Michael-Sean@shogungamer.

Interview with Dj Kuulu from Tokyo - The Swag Man

He has been lurking on the boards for a few months. Giving away an assortment of electronic goods such as PSP's, Wii's, iPod's and other swag from Japan. Up to now not a whole lot of people have caught on in fear of it being some type of scam or false advert. Shogungamer gets to the botton of these giveaways and looks at who, why, and how Kuulu is able to giveth the swag.

CES 2010: The Frag Dolls show us the latest playable demo for Splinter Cell Conviction

We stopped by the Microsoft booth at CES and got our hands on the latest playable demo of Splinter Cell Conviction. And as if that wasn't awesome enough, we also got a chance to chat with Brookelyn and Spectra from the Frag Dolls for our very own walk through!

Splinter Cell Conviction is set to release April 2010.

XpanD 3D Video Interview - The experience you've always wanted 3D to be.

The days of strained eyes and gimmicky 3D seem to be coming to a close. At least, that's the impression Casey and I left with after a recent 3D presentation and tech demo from XpanD.

Exclusive interview with the team behind the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles documentary

Back in September I came across something that pleasantly surprised me: a documentary was in the works for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Being a child of the late 80s I was a huge TMNT fan having watched the cartoon, seen the movies (even the crap 3rd one) and I even dressed up as Raphael for Halloween one year.

Big Smile Reviews: Eurogamer Expo 2009 (A look at AVP, God of War 3 & Avatar Real 3D Tech)

It's time for the Eurogamer 2009 Expo in London and Diifii's camera is rolling. Get a look at some God of War 3 game play, a short interview with the Sega AVP booth rep and check out some impressions for Avatar the game's REAL 3D technology. Got a question for Diifii about this years Eurogamr Expo? Just leave a comment below!

Watch Part 2 of Eurogamer Expo 2009 Video Coverage from Diifii

S#!T You Want - These are needs, not just simple wants. NEEDS!!!

Week #13 of Cool S#!T You Want comes to us with some good news. All of our editors are still alive after almost all of them got sick in Las Vegas. Welcome back, with that, on to  Cool S#!T You Want, Enjoy!

As always, if you or your company have a product or service you think we at ShogunGamer would call some excellent Cool S#!T. Feel free to contact me via Michael-Sean@shogungamer, and I will be sure to contact you with all the information we require, Enjoy!

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