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Enter the Game Grid of TRON via your iPhone/iPod Touch

This week ought to be called the Week of TRON as TRON’s impact at the San Diego Comic Con will be huge this week. Not only is a good chunk of the cast going to be there, but extended footage will also make its debut which in turn will hopefully find its way online.  To celebrate this week of geek/tech/sci-fi goodness Disney has released the first of many TRON apps for the iPod Touch/iPhone.

QuarterSave: with Special Guest Star Mel Gibson EP43

This week ended up being bigger than we could have ever thought! With the weekend hosting EVO 2010 in Las Vegas, we decided to do something big here as well! That’s why this week’s episode had a special call -in from Mel Gibson to talk about the Trending Topic of this week: Console Colours.

We also have a new beer this week, and plenty of new stories to get through. So thanks for joining us once again, and enjoy!


Beer of the Week

-Innis and Gunn Canadian Cask

QuarterSave: More Marketing Conspiracies EP42

I’ve got good news and bad news for the podcast fans this week. First, the bad news: There is no beer review this week. Unfortunately someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot to bring his beer to the recording. The good news is that we were able to soldier on sober, and turned out a pretty decent podcast anyways! This week’s show features commentary on some games that have recently released: Crackdown 2, Sniper Ghost Warrior, Transformers, and the iPhone movie-tie-in Predators.

Hulu Plus Announced for PS3 and Xbox 360 [Updated]

A while back we posted a story regarding a rumor that had surface about Hulu coming to the Xbox 360. A feature which I thought might be counter-productive to the Netflix agreement that they’d already signed. However, it looks like video gamers can look forward to having their cake and eating it too as early as Q1 2011.

TRON Legacy merchandise revealed

Last week I was lucky enough to get some hands-on time with the upcoming TRON video games TRON: Evolution and Tron: Evolution – Battle Grids.  As a hardcore TRON fan it was definitely an E3 highlight to get a glimpse at TRON’s video game debut on the current video game systems.  Now Disney has revealed the rest of their plans for TRON as they have unveiled some of the core merchandise for TRON Legacy.

Predators tie-in game revealed (it's not what you think it would be)

It doesn’t seem like it but the Robert Rodriguez produced relaunch of the Predator franchise is almost upon us.  So far what we’ve seen of Predators looks good but there’s been one question asked by many.  When can we expect the movie tie-in game?  Being such a popular action franchise and one perfect for the world of video games it’s somewhat surprising that a game for the PS3/360 hasn’t been announced yet.

Apple's OS 4.0 Announcement Features Game Center

Apple for the past few years has always lead the way in terms of hot new tech, and the platforms on which they stand. During this morning’s OS 4.0 event Apple detailed plans for their new “Game Center.” The basic concept of Game Center is to create an Xbox Live/PSN-styled experience for Apple’s mobile gaming series of platforms, i.e. the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

EA announces EA Sports Active 2.0 for the PS3 and Wii

As previously rumored EA is taking their fitness game EA Sports Active to the PlayStation 3 with the announcement of EA Sports Active 2.0.  The game is also set to appear on the Wii once again along with versions for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Oddly enough EA Sports Active 2.0 (which is a working title) wasn’t announced for the Xbox 360 even though it was indicated to be in development for the platform based on a LinkedIn profile.

QuarterSave: Choose Your Own Adventure Gaming EP25

Welcome one and all to the return of QuarterSave! Now that the Olympics have finished up, it’s back to business as usual (or close to it anyways). The podcast has undergone a bit of a shift and features the hosting talents of one Mr Corey Rollins of ShogunGamer fame, affectionately referred to as BP*. The format has shifted a little bit as well as you’ll notice by the show notes provided for you below. What we’re aiming to do is get a bit of a discussion going on some hot topics that we notice from week to week in the gaming culture.

Kick-Ass will kick ass on the PSN and iPhone this April

I don’t know if this should be considered good news or fall under the who gives a crap category, but the upcoming film adaptation of the comic-book Kick-Ass will be getting the video game treatment.

Set for release on the PSN and iPhone the game will allow players to play as the three main heroes of the film: the titular Kick-Ass and the daughter and father combo of Hit Girl and Big Daddy. Players will be able to traverse various parts of New York City as they dispatch the various members of the criminal underworld in highly violent ways.

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