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Tales from Borderlands Episode 2 Trailer "Atlas Mugged"

As mentioned on the site, in depth, by one of our writers we LOVE us some Telltale. They've gone to the forefront of story-telling in our hearts with their faithful adaptations of several beloved franchises. Now we're looking at a second chapter in their most recent works for Borderlands.

The trailer for the second chapter in Tales from Borderlands, Atlas Mugged, details the plot of the next chapter as such:

Republique Emerges From Its Chrysalis On PC and Mac

The tumultuous but successful Kickstarter for Republique back in 2012 was my first taste of crowd-funding. It was particularly thrilling because a number of the people involved including David Hayter and Jennifer Hale were here in Vancouver for an expo while the campaign was happening. It was also the first project that I decided to fund based on the director's clear philosophy.

ShogunGamer Game of the Year - Part 1

The time, being the end of the year, has come for us to begin our breakdown of the very best games of 2014. Last week the writing staff of Shogun Gamer hopped on a Skype call and locked ourselves in a virtual room to hash out what we believed was the best of the best.

American McGee Finally Tackles The Little Red Riding Hood Tale In Akaneiro Rising

Another classic storybook tale is being reinvented with a slightly modern day twist as developer American McGee is finally bringing his vision of Red Riding Hood to life.  The man most famous for his twisted interpretation of Alice in Wonderland has long hinted at his desire to bring Little Red Riding Hood to life in a darker and perhaps more violent filled video game that would take the famous legend in some new directions.  

NetherRealm Studios Is Taking A Break From Mortal Kombat (Don't Panic)

Now that the dust has settled on the initial hoopla and disgust that accompanies the Spike Video Game Awards, some interesting tidbits have surfaced that were revealed during the event. We all know the basic stuff, a dozen or so games were revealed via trailer form most of which honestly looked good. But something very interesting was teased or at least confirmed during the event that relates to everyone’s favorite blood filled fighting franchise: Mortal Kombat.

NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat) Is Making A Batman Game

As promised, the teases made by Ed Boon a few weeks ago are finally coming to fruition albeit in a somewhat unexpected fashion. As some of you may remember, Ed Boon took to his Twitter account just before Thanksgiving to tease three big announcements NetherRealm had in the works.  One of those announcements has somewhat left the bag already, a MK based game for the PlayStation Vita, and now another one has been released.

Casual Games: The Industry Shift

There's been one thing that I've been hearing spoken about an awful lot over the past week and a bit: in a nutshell, Angry Birds is a hugely popular title that has sold enough to combat Super Mario Bros. game sales. At first I brushed this off as pretty ridiculous, but when I sat down and actually looked at the numbers, it started to make sense. When you look at sales numbers for each title (or series, in SMB's case), Rovio, developer of Angry Birds, reported 350 million downloads since December 2009.

Grab Your Towel As A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy App Is Coming Soon

Since I’m a fan of sci-fi stuff, and I do like to read, I hold the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series in high regard as it’s a damn fine piece of writing.  While not as overly influential as other pieces of sci-fi culture may have been, the Hitchhiker’s series is without a doubt something that everyone should experience – whether it’s through the novels, the radio dramas or the mini-series and film that were made.  In late May it was announced that people would now be ab

The PAX 10 Winners Announced

There’s a fair few gaming conventions that are showcased through-out the year, both public and trade. Penny Arcade as pushed its way to the top of the heap by being a gaming show for gamers, and subsequently gets away with a lot that the others shows can’t. One of my favorite examples of how PA runs the show is the PAX 10; a yearly collection of the top 10 best in the indie gaming world.

Capcom Taking Monster Hunter Franchise To iPhone

The announcement made by Capcom stated Monster Hunter would soon be available on Apple’s iPhone and iPod. This iteration of the game, known as Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting, will once again take gamers to a land of fantasy inhabited by a variety of large beasts. Players will again take up the profession of a monster hunter whose role is to protect others from the assortment of creatures the game offers.

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