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Tales from Borderlands Episode 2 Trailer "Atlas Mugged"

As mentioned on the site, in depth, by one of our writers we LOVE us some Telltale. They've gone to the forefront of story-telling in our hearts with their faithful adaptations of several beloved franchises. Now we're looking at a second chapter in their most recent works for Borderlands.

The trailer for the second chapter in Tales from Borderlands, Atlas Mugged, details the plot of the next chapter as such:

Republique Emerges From Its Chrysalis On PC and Mac

The tumultuous but successful Kickstarter for Republique back in 2012 was my first taste of crowd-funding. It was particularly thrilling because a number of the people involved including David Hayter and Jennifer Hale were here in Vancouver for an expo while the campaign was happening. It was also the first project that I decided to fund based on the director's clear philosophy.

Shogun Gamer's Games of the Year 2010

With 2011 stretching out far ahead, and 2010 dwindling away in the rear-view mirror, it seemed a good time to get the crew together and hash out what our favourites of 2010 were. Taking a new approach, we picked out our categories, and then sat down on a 2+ hour phone call with the editors of the site to decide which games in 2010 deserved recognition. There was a lot of back and forth, a bit of drama, and plenty of arguments for our personal favorites.

BlackBerry Steps into Tablets with the New PlayBook

Just when you thought the tablet challengers had all been flushed out. BlackBerry after a few months of rumors brings their new iPad contender to the stage. Dubbed the PlayBook, it has more than a few upgrades that trump Apple's first version of the iPad. Full specs can be seen HERE.

Naughty Bear Now Stalking Apple's App Store

505 Games' Naughty Bear has found a new killing field to wreck its murderous ways on and starting today for the low price of $3 you bring this blood thirsty cuddly bear to your iPhone/iPod-Touch via Apple's App store.

The portable version will have 30 levels set on Perfection Island and will have a vast array of unique weapons, objects, and scare tactics for touch gamers to utilize.

QuarterSave: Jailbroken Edition EP47

This week’s very special episode of the QuarterSave podcast deals with the recent changes that have been going on with regards to how media is used. Specifically the fact that jailbreaking an iPhone is now 100% LEGAL. That ends up being a good chunk of the show honestly, as we’ve both been playing with the new iOS4 on our iPhones and some of the features that are presented via jailbreaking (LEGALLY) as well as our trending topic about the other changes that the bill introduced (ability to rip owned DVDs, etc).

Apple's OS 4.0 Announcement Features Game Center

Apple for the past few years has always lead the way in terms of hot new tech, and the platforms on which they stand. During this morning’s OS 4.0 event Apple detailed plans for their new “Game Center.” The basic concept of Game Center is to create an Xbox Live/PSN-styled experience for Apple’s mobile gaming series of platforms, i.e. the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

Need a game for the iPad? Then maybe you should check out Resident Evil 4

If you were one of the many people who stood in line and bought an iPad this weekend then there’s some gaming goodness for you to purchase. But I’m not sure if buying a game to play on your iPad completely justifies spending $500 on a feature deficient iPhone that took some HGH.

Sega releases in-app purchase platform for iPhone

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Starting at the beginning of February Sega is going to start offering us fans a nice little platform to get emulated Sega games on our iPhones. They announced recently that a free download will be made available shortly. This download is a platform for iPhone/Touch users to access a collection of old Sega games that will be releasing through the foreseeable future. Basically it’s like the recently announced Mass Effect Cerberus Network, but for Sega games on your iPhone. 

CES 2010 Podcast - Microsoft Key Note and Details on Capcom Press Suite

Alright! So here we are. We’re finally able to throw together our first podcast (almost) live from Las Vegas for CES 2010! After a looooooong hard day wrought with trials and tribulations aplenty, Corey and I had a chance to sit down and put together a podcast. It’s now day two of our stay and about time to discuss some of the events that have been occurring to the both of us. We’ll also make sure to talk a bit about the show, of course.

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