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Yuji Naka

Notable Japanese Devs Set To Release Original Games For Mobile Platforms

Whether we love it or hate it mobile/social gaming is here to stay and could ultimately become the de facto standard when it comes to how we game.  Games found on the App Store may not beat titles set for the PlayStation 3 or the next iteration of Sony’s console, but mobile gaming is no longer a small niche market that merely consists of Bejeweled and a side-scrolling Tony Hawk game that looks like a four-year old created it.

The hero of Sky Night Rodea is revealed + a few small in-game screens

We already have a few basic details on Sky Knight Rodea, the latest game from Sonic creator Yuji Naka and his team at Prope.  The prospect of playing a game that revolves around aerial based combat could be fun but some people out there were waiting to see what the game actually looks like before jumping on the “Yuji Naka will forever be awesome” bandwagon.

Early details on Sky Knight Rodea, the new game from Sonic creator Yuji Naka

Yuji Naka (the man who headed up Team Sonic during its heyday) hasn’t exactly done a lot to warrant a great level of hype, but there’s reason to be excited about Yuji’s new project: Tenkuu no Kishi Rodea (Sky Knight Rodea).  Back in October Famitsu shared some early details on Yuji’s project with his new company Prope which hinted at a game that would heavily feature battles in the sky which led many to think it would be reminiscent in some way to Nights Into Dreams, which Yuji also worked on when h

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