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Xperia Play

Minecraft's Mobile Debut Is Appearing On A Surprise Platform

My relationship with Minecraft is an interesting one in a way.  I’ve seen some friends play Minecraft and show me their ever expanding villages or castles but I have never once played the game, despite my utter amazement of the game.  I do have a lot of interest in Minecraft as it does look like a cool albeit time consuming way to build cool stuff with my key dream project being recreating the island from the TV show Lost.

GDC 2011: Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson gave some details earlier today about the Xperia Play, the product once known as the PlayStation Phone. The Xperia Play is the very first PlayStation certified Android phone, with SCE planning on announcing more in the future. The target audience for the phone is not specifically hardcore gamers, and is meant to be more widely appealing. The exact words used were that it is ‘broader than gaming.’

Xperia Play Commercial Leaks, Is Somwhat Creepy

The faucet is continuing to leak as today we have yet another leak concerning the Xperia Play.  At this point there’s not much we don’t know about Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation certified phone, but we could be ever closer to getting some hands-on time with if this video is any indication.

Check out two classic PlayStation games running on the Xperia Play

It’s a Monday so what’s a better way to start the week off than with another video showcasing the Xperia Play?  We definitely have a new video of Sony Ericsson’s forthcoming Android phone/gaming device, but once again it’s not an official one but instead comes from the same Chinese chaps who somehow have their hands on a retail version/advanced test unit of the device.

Yet another video of the Xperia Play in action + game footage

CES is usually never a big event for Sony on the gaming side of things as much as that disappoints some people.  Considering that the new Sony Ericsson Android phone/gaming device combines both Sony’s gaming and core electronics departments there was some hope that the device would make an appearance.

More photos of the Xperia Play/PlayStation Phone AKA unannounced mystery phone X

The still yet to be formally announced Sony Ericsson phone which has been dubbed the PlayStation Phone by the masses is almost as elusive as the Big Foot creature or a snow Yeti. Every now and then it pops up and we have some knowledge that points to its existing but we’re far from getting anything firm to confirm its existence, even though we all know it’s roaming around.

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