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Xbox Live Arcade House Party

Alan Wake: American Nightmare [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Using the tools established in Alan Wake, specifically the ability to re-write reality, Remedy has taken Alan Wake in a whole new direction. The game is now themed more like pulp '80s action films, moving away from its Stephen King/Twin Peaks roots, and offers a whole new (unique) story with the flavor of the mini-series Night Springs that ran within the original game.

The Pros: 

+Well written story-line that manages to feel fan-fiction and cannon at the same time.

+Improved gameplay mechanics that make the core even more fun to play.

+Remedy's love for genre films really shows through.

+Small touches like the constant narration (via a Twilight Zone knock-off host) provide that same strong feeling of the original, with a whole new tone.

The Cons: 

-The game does only use three locales, which loop three times. Rating : 

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Remedy’s 2010 thriller title Alan Wake. I went on record saying that it was the best game of the year, and was passionate enough in my appeal of the other writers of the site that eventually we pushed it through to win. The reason was that the game brought something new to the table, it was atmospheric, creepy, smart, and offered just a touch of humor (via the TV series Night Springs, which could be watched through monitors placed through-out the world).

Full House Poker [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Full House Poker is not only a great successor to Microsoft's previous experiment in social gaming, 1 vs. 100, but winds up being one of the best poker games out there. The added features like the ability to stare down opponents, modify the behavior of calls/raises, and a presistant levelling system take the classic game of poker and meld it into something entirely new.

The Pros: 

+Brand new social gaming experience for you and your friends

+One of the best poker games out there, bar-none.

+Persistant levelling system and rewards

The Cons: 

-Unfortunately, unlike the previous installment (1 vs. 100) this one isn't free... Which is really the only 'downside'. Rating : 

Two years ago Microsoft/Xbox unveiled one of the greatest gaming experiences in history. It was a community-based event held online in the form of a trivia game called 1 vs. 100. The idea was simple: get a bunch of gamers together online to enjoy a gaming session with a couple thousand of their peers, have a good time and potentially earn themselves some real prizes. It was rather important leap in gaming because of the scope and ambition of the project; more importantly though it was a whole hell of a lot of fun.

Beyond Good & Evil HD [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Beyond Good & Evil is one oft those often talked about/oft praised titles that not enough people have gone back to confirm it was worthy of. An Xbox Live HD re-do of the title provides a perfect opportunity to both revisit a classic game, and introduce those that weren't lucky enough to have a chance at it the first time around.

The Pros: 

+Gorgeous artwork/styling

+Solid story from begin to end

+Easy/fun gameplay and combat

+Interesting and unique characters

+Proof that some games can hold to the test of time

The Cons: 

-Minor glitches in the game that haven't been resolved Rating : 

Back in 2003 Beyond Good & Evil stepped out of the shadows and blew away critics with its original story line, compelling characters, varied gameplay and catering to collection fanatics. For a long while now many in the industry have been singing its praises, myself included, and yet the sales figures never really backed up what we all knew to be true: Beyond Good & Evil was an original in its own rights, and a fantastic piece of video game history. As with any iconic classic though, there’s always the question if it can hold the test of time.

Hard Corps: Uprising [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Hard Corps is a grueling, 2D, side-scrolling, bullet-hell of a shoot-'em-up and exactly what the Xbox Live Arcade needs. In a world of gamers gone soft, it is incredibly unforgiving in a way that makes you appreciate each step of the journey that you're able to complete.

The Pros: 

+Solid game mechanics

+Multiplayer Online/Offline

+Ability to upgrade your character's abilities/weapons through Uprising Mode

+Strong sense of accomplishment for any progress in the game

The Cons: 

-Very high learning curve

-Not a whole lot of help with the platforming

-Difficult for someone to jump into

-Not a game with 'wide-appeal' Rating : 

The one good thing about the over-saturation of video game/movie titles has become that there is truth in advertising these days. Starting back with Snakes On A Plane, the necessity to start naming media based on what it is, rather than a really super-cool sounding title with no attachment has become more and more prevalent. Still though, there are periods in time when a catch title can lead one to question what is in store.

Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party 2011 Games Dated & Priced

Microsoft today unveil pricing and release dates information for their lineup of games that will make up this year's Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party promotion. Beginning next week on February 16th and ending on March 16th, you'll be able to download one of the below listed premium arcade game that is being offered via Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace.

February 16th Hard Corps: Uprising, 1200 Microsoft Points:

Xbox Live House Party Press Event [CES 2011]

During this year’s CES Microsoft announced their plans for the Microsoft Xbox Live House Party. It was an Xbox event large enough to require its own party, and Shogun Gamer was there to provide coverage on the announcements that followed.

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