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Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD [REVIEW]

Overall Feeling: 

Sega remakes one of their successful 2D side-scrollers with a complete overhaul of graphics and gameplay. The story is the same, and the goals are the same: Rescue Minnie from the evil witch by collecting all the different colored gems, each guarded by a big boss at the end of every level. The gameplay is a mix between classic side-scrolling elements, very similar to that of the original game for the Genesis, and a 3D mechanic that is very reminiscent of Mario 64. The typical, easy enemies and basic platforming is not something that is going to blow you away, nor is it anything that we haven't seen before, but there is charm to be had here, nonetheless. Castle of Illusion HD does enough things differently to distance itself from the swarms of platformers found throughout downloads, and if you were a big fan of the original, it just might be worth a look into this time around.

The Pros: 

+ Strong artwork and sound editing add to its charm.
+ Easy to pick up and play.
+ Unlockable outfits helps add to the replay value.

The Cons: 

- $14.99 seems a little steep for about a three hour game.
- Platforming can feel floaty and get frustrating fast.
- No real gameplay mechanics will challenge you throughout. Rating : 

I played a lot of Sega Genesis growing up. A lot. The wave of nostalgia that hit me when I saw that Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse was getting a remake was rather large. I'm a sucker for old platformers, and very much so for Sega ones. It wasn't long into the opening cinematic of the game that I realized this remake is going to be quite different than the original I remembered playing with my brother.

Disney and Sega Announce Castle of Illusion Remake

Disney continues to show their flexibility when it comes to their video game licenses, at least those that don’t feature Stormtroopers or Bounty Hunters, since Sega has announced an HD remake of the Sega Genesis classic Castle of Illusion.  One of the many games that the 25 year-old+ generation of gamers was reared on, Castle of Illusion will be comng into our homes once again on the PSN, XBLA, and PC.

Endless Skater Announced For XBLA/Win8

Skateboarding fans finally have another video game to do mass combo laced grinds in a project that doesn’t star the legendary Tony Hawk.  Sadly the Skate series is still out of commission as per the ever shifting plans of EA, but now Supervillain Studios has stepped up to the plate to release Endless Skater for Xbox Live Arcade via the Windows 8 platform.

Strider Could Be Poised For A Return

Seemingly on a trend of rebooting their franchises, Capcom could be ready to give Strider another shot - for real this time.  After enlisting the services of Grin Studios to reboot Strider with a modern and more Western appeal, Capcom decided to give that project the boot, thus helping Grin shutter in the process.  We only received a small sample of Grin’s ill-fated Strider reboot which was filled with Russians and snowy environments, but Strider could be making a long-await

Sega Goes Old-School With The Model 2 Collection

The moments in which I will whole heartedly give a company my money without a second thought is rare, but such a thing is the case with the latest reveal made by Sega. Certain choices made by Sega may seem questionable such as the Anarchy Reigns debacle, but the company is doing gamers a solid by releasing the ode to old-school gaming that is the Model 2 Collection.

A Small Update On Star Wars: First Assault

LucasArts may not be providing gamers with a third installment in the Battlefront series any time soon, but the company could be providing a game with a little bit of multiplayer action.  

Starbreeze (The Darkness) Reveals The Fantasy Based Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

When a developer hypes up an upcoming project without showing or telling us anything it usually results in complete disappointment. Gamers may be hard to please at times, but when something is teased to be surprising only to be revealed as a derivative mess of concepts that isn’t new by any means, then the further flaming gamers may give a particular studio can be justified.  

Joe Danger 2: The Movie Is Finally Set To Arrive On The PSN

It may not occur as often as it once did, but gamers were a little hurt more or less upon hearing that Joe Danger 2 would be arriving first on the Xbox 360.  Seeing a game appear on XBLA first may be standard practice with certain 3rd party games, though what punctured our hearts more was how it appeared that Microsoft may have snatched up an exclusivity deal for the game.  Well a mere two weeks after the release of Joe Danger 2 comes the news that the game is indeed coming to the PlayStation Network.

Terraria Is Taking It's Mix of Side-Scrolling and Block Building To The PSN/XBLA

Following in the steps of the recent Minecraft XBLA port which did gangbusters at retail, the hit indie adventure/block building game Terraria is also receiving a port. Announced today, Terraria will be arriving on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in early 2013.  Released on the PC in 2011, Terraria captivated gamers thanks to its mixture of side-scrolling exploration and the ability to create items which in turn provided near endless content thanks to the substantial user community.

Spartacus Legends Goes The Free-To-Play Route On PSN/XBL

As a sign of the industry once again shifting in an unexpected way, Ubisoft has announced that their upcoming action brawler Spartacus Legends will be a free-to-play title.  The forthcoming tie-in game for the hit Starz series Spartacus was announced back in July and now it’ll be completely free-to-play on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. So thanks to Ubisoft literally anyone can become a gladiator and feel the rush that’s to be had from decapitating an enemy.

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