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X16 Preview: Cuphead

Like any great run and gun action franchise, Cuphead challenges players to die, jump and die again to learn how the many creatures in the game work.


I was excited to see Cuphead on the showroom floor at X16 in Toronto. Last year, I only briefly got a chance to play it, so I was determined to take another stab.

Why You Should Care: Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

Believe it or not, since this series began I've started getting a number of requests for games that should be showcased on Why You Should Care. Some of them are great suggestions, which I'm definitely going to get myself around to eventually, and I would first and foremost like to thank everyone for their support and recommend that they keep pitching in their ideas for some greats of gaming past that you feel might have been left by the way-side!

Video Games' Best Kept Secret

With the Recent events at E3 and all of the juicy love that came with it, we we're given a first look (a day after the photos leaked) of the new Xbox 360 design. Now although this is not much of a shocker, because the PS3 did a re-design and they must follow suit, it was still an awesome reveal.


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