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X10 Spotlight: Deadly new Dead Rising 2 gameplay videos

The announcement that the Xbox 360 version of Dead Rising 2 would be getting exclusive DLC wasn’t the only DR2 news to come out of the recent X10 event as Capcom also demoed the game for the first time since TGS last year.

X10 Spotlight: Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a title that has been oft-postponed since it was announced oh-so long ago. For a long while now we’ve seen the game making the rounds and appearing at all the big trade shows to let us know it was still alive, but it wasn’t until today that we got a release date. That’s right; Microsoft and Remedy finally have set the date on the release of Alan Wake: May 18th.

X10 Spotlight: Crackdown 2

While there has been a flood of information about games like Fable III and Halo: Reach, other favourites didn’t end up getting the star-treatment I was hoping for. Case in point: X10’s coverage of Crackdown 2. I was looking to hearing and seeing a lot more about this game then what ended up being provided, regardless there are a few tidbits to be provided, and some new screenshots to ogle.

X10 Spotlight: Perfect Dark for XBLA

Up next on the X10 docket.. or maybe dossier, we have new information on the upcoming XBLA title that I'm personally excited for and applying a Teflon coating to my couch groove in preparation of, Perfect Dark.

If you're a bottom line reader, the take me home is thus. It's the original PD in all the ways that made it great with additional features and 8 players on Live, as well as graphically 10 - 20 times better in 1080p (60 frames/sec). Kenn Lobb, creative director for Microsoft Game Studios said some words on PD.

X10 Spotlight: Fable III

Fable III was announced as coming last year, and since then there hasn’t been much thrown our way but a brief teaser trailer and information here and there that it was in production. At X10 this year Mr. Molyneux had plenty to say about the upcoming third instalment of the series. So after a lot of digging I put together what I believe to be a list of the key features that you can look forward to changing the world of Albion when Fable III releases.

X10 Spotlight: Halo: Reach

Yesterday marked the return of Microsoft’s Xbox Press Event “X” with this year’s “X10.” The show has been on hiatus since 2006, so with this being their first year back, a flood of information pertaining to the Xbox 360 was expected, and provided. New information, screenshots, box art, and videos were provided on a bunch of the star series for Xbox in the upcoming year. It seems like a great opportunity for us to sift through the piles, and piles of information to find the best of the new news and provide that to you in a series of spotlights on each of the featured games.

Dead Rising 2 will be making an apperance this week

With today being the slow news day that are most Monday’s I’m resorted to writing a quasi-fluff story based on a piece of Twitter info. Yes, once again Twitter is showing that it’s becoming an actual source for news instead of being a place where I can post that I’m having a nervous breakdown.

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