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First Teaser Image of Prey 2 Is Revealed, Is Totally In Dudebro Mode

Ok so earlier today we received the rather surprising and well received news that a sequel to Prey was in the works.  Prey may not be on top of everyone’s must-have sequel list, but the first game has a loyal following (which includes myself) that was happy to see that a sequel to the 2006 game was still in the works.

New Tidbits Concerning SSX: Deadly Descents Will Turn Your Soul To Ice

Maybe we’re being punished as gamers or perhaps we’re just being too sensitive over a series that we all love and cherish, but SSX: Deadly Descents doesn't sound too hot right now.  When EA announced SSX: Deadly Descents at the Spike VGAs in December, there was two schools of thought based on the trailer that was shown: EA had either lost their mind in their choice to give us a game that looked like Call of Duty: Snowboarding Edition or maybe EA had nothing but the be

Activision Possibly Rebooting Spyro the Dragon With A New Game + Toy Line

Among the many classic games released for the PlayStation 1 back in the day there was one game in particular that found great success: Spyro the Dragon.  Created by Insomniac Games, Spyro just clicked with gamers due to the colorful graphics and the fun platforming that playing as a purple dragon offered.

Tokyo Jungle premier trailer enters the jurassic period

A few weeks ago Sony announced Tokyo Jungle, a new game from Sony Japan and the PlayStation CAMP program.  When the game was unveiled in Famitsu there was a level of interest since the concept of the game pits different animals against one another. But then some in-game screens were later released and it was almost a disappointment-ton type case as Tokyo Jungle is a 2D side-scroller.

Midway's This is Vegas goes on a permanent vacation

Even though Midway was snatched up by Warner Brothers Interactive and subsequently broken apart except for Midway Chicago aka NetherRealm Studios, the effects of the studio’s mismanagement are still being felt today. Some shocking details have surfaced concerning Midway’s open-world action game This is Vegas, which apparently has been in a drunken stupor for the past two years since it hasn’t been shown publicly.

There's a disturbance in the force at LucasArts concerning Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Despite its worldwide popularity and the power of the studios behind it, we can never catch a break when it comes to Star Wars video games.  The Star Wars franchise has definitely had some solid games in the past and the future looks good as well with Star War: The Old Republic.  But for some reason the good folks over at LucasArts can’t seem to get their stuff together when it comes to producing Star Wars games.

First screens of Tony Hawk: Shred

Since Activision didn’t feel so inclined to properly showcase the game at E3, we now have our first screens for Tony Hawk: Shred. The follow-up to last year’s mega hit (I’m kidding) Tony Hawk: Ride, Shred once again features more arcade skateboarding action but this time gamers can also shred some pow as snowboarding is also included.

Check out retro and modern cars of Driver: San Francisco

I really don’t know what Driver: San Francisco is trying to aim for.  At first I, and assume a good portion of the gaming community, thought it was merely going to be an updated version of the first two Driver games. But then the E3 walkthrough video introduced the whole “you’re in a coma and can switch cars at any time” mechanic. Once that was shown it was all bets are off and now Driver is continuing the slightly weird vibe with the new car reveals.

A final artistic look at E3 2010

E3 and the subsequent post-E3 aftershocks may be finally ending but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still talking about it. While we weren’t graced with any true hardware surprises or game announcements, E3 2010 was memorable if only for the extremely strange Konami conference.

Capcom teasing a "big" announcement (Are they really?)

I don’t what’s up with Capcom. Maybe they like to pull pranks on us as they may get a kick out of seeing people get excited over countless teaser announcements or the notorious announcement of an announcement that plague the industry.  Or maybe Capcom does indeed have something cool to announce in two days as per their latest Twitter tease.

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