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Wii U

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Follow-Up In The Works? [Rumor]

This is one of those rumors I really hope pans out since it could give us a follow-up to a game I consider to be extremely underrated.  Initially considered to be shovelware and the latest move by Sega that was akin to castrating our favorite blue hedgehog, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing was a game that not only impressed me but provided some of the best kart racing action I’ve experienced in a long time.

Nintendo Wii U Hands-on Impressions [CES 2012]

With the show floor now (finally) opened, the main event, at CES 2012, has begun. My first stop on the tour this morning was at a private showing for Nintendo, who was giving select members visiting the show the opportunity to go hands on with their newest toy, announced at last year’s E3, the Wii U.

While the games being demoed were noted as being little more than ‘concepts’ it was a great first opportunity to get an idea of the look and feel of the new console that Nintendo plans to unleash on their consumer base before the year’s end.

Nintendo To Reportedly Feature App Store On Wii U

Since the rather lukewarm reveal it received at E3 2011, gamers have been waiting for a hook to be shown for the Wii U, Nintendo’s next-gen console entry that doesn’t have the flames of hype set just yet.  Most gamers, even those that aren’t Nintendo fans, all know that the Wii U will bring the goods when it comes to providing a HD Zelda or Mario game as we hardly receive duds in those franchises. But with that said there isn’t much appealing about the Wii U aside from it coming across as if a Wii and DS had a baby that was capable of HD graphics.

EA's Origin Service Could Be Coming To The Wii U

The Wii U may have been revealed already but there are still a lot of things we don’t know about the console and likely won’t know until it re-emerges at E3 2012.  Nintendo’s direction with the Wii U seems somewhat unfocused as of now but one major bullet point that folks like Reggie Fils-Aime made known in countless interviews is that Nintendo will be trying to provide a better online infrastructure in both how gamers play games online and how they purchase their online based content.

The Mega Leaks Continue With A Look At Ubisoft's Tablet Device

A lot of different trends have popped up in gaming this generation, some of which have been targeted towards the casual audience.  Core gamers do know how to support certain properties but if you give casual gamers something with a bit of flash then they simply eat it up, a key example being Microsoft’s Kinect.  One trend that we haven’t seen too much in gaming but will surely grow on a bigger scale is the use of tablets for gaming.  THQ released their uDraw tablet for the Wii last year (the PS3/360 version is coming out this Winter) and Nintendo is of course prepping the Wii

A Few Hidden Wii U Controller Features Are Uncovered

Nintendo may have unveiled the Wii U at E3 this year but there are still a handful of details about the new console that are completely elusive.  Beyond normal things like when the console is going to be released and how much it’ll cost, we still have no firm concept of what sort of online infrastructure Nintendo will be creating for the Wii U and how the new tablet controller will be utilized in games is still something that has yet to be grasped by most people.

A Different Dev May Be Behind Batman: Arkham City For The Wii U [Rumor]

Nintendo’s reveal of the Wii U during their E3 press conference received a somewhat lukewarm reaction (trust me as I was at the event) but one thing that did receive some oohs and aahs was the reveal of Batman: Arkham City for the Wii U.  Despite not seeing actual footage of the game running on Wii U hardware it wasn’t that hard to get excited for Batman: Arkham City appearing on a Nintendo platform since the possibility of using the Wii U controller to throw batarangs or navigate the back alleys of Arkham City was beyond exciting.

Tekken Wii U Is All About Humiliation [E3 2011]

Almost a week later and I’m still trying to wrap my head around Nintendo’s E3 press conference and the newly announced Wii U.  Name aside (its dumb part 2), I’m still trying to gauge if the Wii U has potential or if it’s literally going to be a Wii HD with another gimmick tacked on.  I’m not making my final judgment on the Wii U just yet since we haven’t seen a single full-on game in action just yet, but I’m not sure if tapping a screen to throw ninja stars is something I’ll immediately want to experience.

Nintendo Wii U: Afterthoughts [E3 2011]

Nintendo has finally announced their newest console, the Wii U. While their E3 press conference didn't have a lot to say directly about the hardware it will be running (focusing mostly instead on their giant, fancy touch-screen controller). They have finally made the leap to a true HD system, which has more than enough power on board to finally run titles directed towards a more hardcore demographic. Titles such as: the upcoming Darksiders 2, Battlefield 3, and Arkham City.

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