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Wreck-It Ralph Is Front and Center In These New Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Screens

Potentially stirring up debates of marketing pushed too heavily within a game, Sega has released some new screens showcasing the appearance Wreck-It Ralph, the main character of the upcoming Disney CG film of the same name, in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.  Announced rather subtly earlier this Summer via a Sega blog post, Sega has released brand new screens showing Ralph and classic Sega characters in some rather intense yet colorful kart racing action.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Receives Another Character Addition

This week marks the arrival of the New York Comic Con and of course such a thing entails several video game announcements being made.  Far from being a huge game centric show, the New York con has brought some goodness over the last few years and that will definitely ring true thanks to the comic based brawler that is Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Receives A Release Date + New Combat Heavy Trailer

As nice as it would’ve been to see Injustice: Gods Among Us be released this year, the game was always pegged for a 2013 release.  When WB Games and NetherRealm Studios announced the game in early June it seemed as if it would’ve been a key candidate for a Holiday 2012 release, but unlike other corporate minded studios WB knows better than to rush a game to retail far ahead of when it’s completed.

Wii U Toys Inbound From Burger King

The official public hype cycle of the Wii U amongst the mainstream public could begin shortly in a somewhat conventional but still unexpected way.  With a release date and prices now set, Nintendo will assuredly begin to roll out Wii U advertising through adverts that show how the console is fun for the whole family, or at least a perfect family as envisioned by a marketing firm.  Besides the regular media blitz that Nintendo will activate for the Wii U, some additional hype may originate from a fast food giant.

Nintendo Reveals Wii U Release Date And Price

After months of waiting, Nintendo has finally revealed a release date and price for their next gen-console, Wii U.

Keiji Inafune (Dead Rising) Returns To The Zombie Genre With Yaiba [Video + Screens]

Keiji Inafune is a busy man as he’s not only working on three main projects right now, including the awesome PS Vita title Soul Sacrifice, but he has just announced yet another brand new endeavor. Once again going to his roots just as he did recently in J.J. Rockets did, Keiji is returning to the world of zombie action in Yaiba, a new project from his studio Comcept.

Heroes and Villains Go At It Again In This New Trailer For Avengers: Battle for Earth

Chances are there are a bunch of people still amped over The Avengers and are likely counting down the days until the movie is released on Blu-ray next month, including Shogun’s very own Casey White. As a superhero movie The Avengers was pretty kick ass and I’ll even be upfront in saying that I did prefer it ever so slightly compared to The Dark Knight Rises.  Since comic book and video game fans are still yearning for some Avengers action in lieu of waiting three more years for the sequel to come out, then perhaps Ubisoft’s upcoming Avengers based brawler will satisfy that need.

New Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed Trailer Reveals Additional Stages

It’s not often we see two major kart racing games released within the same period but such a thing is indeed happening this Holiday season. Not only is Sony stepping up to the plate with LittleBigPlanet Karting, but Sega is also returning to the kart racing genre with Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.  A sequel to the 2010 kart racer which proved that Sega still has some of their classic magic, All Stars Racing Transformed features the same core formula but with a few added tricks up its sleeve.

New Aliens: Colonial Marines Making-Of Video Features More Human vs. Xeno Action

It may be a slow news day today but the fine folks over at Sega have released something that may be worth your time to check out.  The game itself may still be a few months away, but in case you’re excited for Aliens: Colonial Marines then you may want to take a look at this new making-of video.  As per the tradition set forth by the video game industries and the many PR people that occupy it, talking heads are abundant in this new making-of video, but it does give us what we’re most excited for: human vs. xeno combat footage.

Two More Characters Join The Cast Of Injustice: Gods Among Us

After the rather talkative video that was released yesterday, WB Games and NetherRealm Studios have followed up on their promise of giving us more substantial reveals for Injustice: Gods Among Us. With the game appearing at the geek mecca that is the San Diego Comic Con it was kind of required that Injustice makes an impression and I think such a thing has definitely been achieved since two additional characters have been revealed.

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