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Why You Should Care

Why You Should Care: DayZ

Over the last week or so I’ve been playing the absolute hell out of a, increasingly popular, Arma II mod. Chances are you’ve already heard about DayZ at this point, so this article isn’t going to really fall under a typical ‘News’ piece. Because the game is also not in a full release, there’s no point (yet) to providing the ‘game’ a full review. In lieu of those options not being available to me, and still wanting to talk about this game (for my own personal gratification), I’ve decided to pull one of my personal favorite segments out of retirement. This is Why You Should Care: DayZ.

Why You Should Care: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

This week I wanted to take a look back to a bit of an 'in-between' generation. It's not ducking all the way back to the glory days of 8-bit consoles, and it's nothing that released in the current generation that you might still have kickin' around in your pile of uncompleted shame. It's a dive back into an era where, while it still wasn't a primary genre for me, I spent the most time in my video game 'career' with JRPGs.  Saying that puts things in a weird category, people tend to divide themselves on this genre as either the "would never play" type, or the fanatical.

Why You Should Care: Just Cause 2

You know... I didn't honestly think that this week's title was one that I was going to have to write about. It was just assumed that everyone had already played this game... I'll give you that it wasn't the deepest story, and some of the characters in the game were annoying enough that I found myself reaching for the mute button during a few select cut-scenes... but we play games for the interactive portion right? We like them because they're fun, and we can get away with activities within them that will NEVER happen in the real world, right?

Why You Should Care: Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

Believe it or not, since this series began I've started getting a number of requests for games that should be showcased on Why You Should Care. Some of them are great suggestions, which I'm definitely going to get myself around to eventually, and I would first and foremost like to thank everyone for their support and recommend that they keep pitching in their ideas for some greats of gaming past that you feel might have been left by the way-side!

Why You Should Care: Alan Wake

Every now and again a game comes along that will win people over on a personal level. It could be that they really enjoyed the mechanics, or the storyline, or maybe they were just able to relate to the characters. What it takes to connect people to video games is an individual experience, but nothing has connected with me, personally, on so many levels in a long while as Alan Wake. It's a game that I've fought for in the past, and pushed really hard to make known during our game of the year discussions because of what it did for story-telling, game design, and atmosphere.

Why You Should Care: Alpha Protocol

There seems to be a rather large emphasis on the choices that a game provides these days. Of course 'choice' has always been something that games have strived for in order to expand the game play experience for consumers, but with the recent launch of Deus Ex: Human Revolution which pimps "play however you want to" and the upcoming release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there's a lot of people claiming that choice is achieving its finest moment just now... I'm inclined to disagree.

Why You Should Care: Army of Two

I may have painted myself into a bit of a corner here with the last couple of articles in this series. I think some people are starting to believe that I'm strictly a fan of games that are 'artistic' or broke the trend in terms of deviating from whatever was going on in the industry at the time. With titles like Mirror's Edge being so distinctive from everything else at the time, and Kane and Lynch's unique brand of multiplayer and story-telling, this week's article may feel a little bit less 'hipster/indie' of me, but allow me an opportunity to discuss why you should care about Army of Two.

Why You Should Care: Mirror's Edge

Continuing on in the vein of "exorcising the demons past" this week I wanted to talk about another older game that caught my attention back-when and I still talk about to this day. This title was a little less controversial, there was no big drama behind it, no tabloid style front-page debacle, just a game that tried to do something a bit different and then quietly faded into the background. For the last couple of years there have been rumors of a sequel floating around the internet, and this week has it all but officially confirmed.

Why You Should Care: RAGE


Remember how I said that I’d try and feature some indie titles, maybe some older games, and potentially some newer games, from time to time, in this new series called “Why You Should Care”? Well… here’s the thing, I do fully intend on that being the case, but I’m going to have to jump out the gate here by playing a little catch-up on some titles that I have a personal interest in that are still on the horizon. Chapter 2 of the continuing saga: RAGE

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