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WGA Awards The Best Writing In A Video Game To....

As you may recall, the WGA (Writers Guild of America) revealed their nominations for Best Video Game Writing last month and the response wasn’t exactly positive. With several notable games absent (Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption) and questionable nominees (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2), many thought that the WGA nominations were a joke, and those feelings may still be present based on which game won the award this past weekend.

WGA reveal video game writing nominees, some of which are questionable

The video game industry may be a massive one both in terms of popularity and the revenue it brings in, but when it comes to recognizing the people behind the games things are lacking a bit.  There are a few reputable award shows within the industry, but as far as games getting recognized in the mainstream for their merits the biggest event we have is the Spike Video Game Awards, a show which we know is nothing more than a commercial.

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