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Injustice: Gods Among Us Receives Another Character Addition

This week marks the arrival of the New York Comic Con and of course such a thing entails several video game announcements being made.  Far from being a huge game centric show, the New York con has brought some goodness over the last few years and that will definitely ring true thanks to the comic based brawler that is Injustice: Gods Among Us.

WB Interactive Reveals Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector's Edition For NA and EU

The financial willingness of gamers will once again be tested thanks to WB Interactive and Injustice: Gods Among Us.  There’s already a huge amount of interest in the DC based brawler created by the team at NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat), but in the world of corporations that isn’t enough to guarantee a home-run as everything needs a Collector’s Edition SKU these days.

Spy Hunter Film Gets Put On The Fast Track

Maybe Warner Bros. will set things right within the video game movie arena since the studio is seemingly prepping yet another high-profile film based upon a game.  Besides the forthcoming Mortal Kombat film, which will be separate from season two of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, WB is resurrecting the Spy Hunter series in a presumably epic action movie sort of way that may or may not star an overwhelmingly dull yet attractive actor as the lead.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Hands-on [PAX Prime 2012]

I have a fair few passions in life, video games, music, movies, TV and the like… but two of the front-runners that have shaped my experiences throughout my life are that of fighting games and comic books. That’s why, since its announcement, I have been keeping a very close eye on Injustice: Gods Among Us, and why I made a special point to swing by the WB Games booth as soon as humanly possible to check out what’s next from NetherRealm.

Yet Another Batman Character Joins The Cast Of Injustice: Gods Amongst Us

Gamescom hasn’t officially kicked off, at least in the sense that people started dropping megatons on us, but NetherRealm Interactive has revealed a new character for Injustice: Gods Amongst Us.  No, we still don’t have Bane, manly Aquaman, Zatanna and her magical chest, or Supergirl as Catwoman has officially been added to the roster. I know, isn’t it such a shocker that Catwoman is in a DC based brawler?

WB Interactive Trims Staff At WBI Seattle

Just like clockwork reports have begun to trickle in reporting that WB Interactive is downsizing staff at its Seattle based development studio. Comprising of talent from Monolith (F.E.A.R.) and Snowblind Studios, WB Seattle has been behind recent offerings such as Gotham City Impostors and forthcoming projects such as Guardians of Middle-Earth.  Despite being a relatively mid-tier developer in the grand scheme of things (at least compared to how WB looks at Rocksteady), WB Seattle is facing its second round of layoffs in less than a year.

Imjustice: Gods Among Us Preview [E3 2012]

After a brief lull for a couple of years fighting games are back in full force and now we’re finally at the point where we’re receiving games that solely aren’t part of the Street Fighter and Tekken brands.  The fighting genre may not be on a complete wave of receiving original IPs just yet, but games like SkullGirls certainly signify that such a thing is on the way.  Even better, established companies and developers are opting to take a risk by producing games that no one would’ve ever expect, a perfect example is the DC Comics based action of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat) Reveal Injustice: Gods Among Us, A New DC Comics Based Brawler

Marvel may be beating DC in a lot of areas recently as most comic book fans and general geeks will say that stuff like The Avengers and even how Marvel is handling their comic books is leagues better than what DC has done. Now I’m not trying to ignite a mass fanboy war of some kind, but there will always be those who dig what Marvel does and in some ways it’s obvious that DC is lagging behind in some form.  Whatever may have transpired in the past DC may be on the way to beating Marvel when it comes to one specific area: providing a good fighting video game.

Mortal Kombat Vita Game Details Finally Emerge

We may have been teased for almost a year, but earlier this week WB Interactive and NetherRealm Studios finally unveiled Mortal Kombat for the PlayStation Vita.  While it was nice to get an official confirmation that MK was bound for Sony’s new portable gaming device, the lack of game details and any kind of media somewhat made the announcement a null point.  We all know the basics of MK and what to expect from the series but not having answers to questions such as how NetherRealm was going to take advantage of the Vita did take away from the initial luster of the reveal.

Batman: Arkham City Hands-on [PAX Prime 2011]

So far, I've gotten an opportunity to share with you the majority of my personal top-picks from PAX Prime 2011. However, there's one that I haven't yet touched on... and you know what? There's really no better time that the present. Stopping in at the WB booth on the show-floor of PAX, Corey and I managed to tag-team a play-through of the demo of Batman: Arkham City.

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