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Aliens: Infestation For The Nintendo DS Is Officially Announced And Dated

Thought to be long dead, Aliens: Infestation for the Nintendo DS thankfully came back to life, almost in a surprise way akin to a sole xenomorph messing things up Alien 3 style (that intro still has me pissed nearly twenty years later).  As we all saw back in May, an Australian government certification website revealed that Aliens: Infestation for the DS was still alive and kicking and now Sega has officially announced the project.

First Footage Of Bloodrayne: Betrayal Shows A Potentially Bloody Good Action Romp

Most of us may be sick and tired of seeing vampires in movies or TV shows since as of late they haven’t been depicted that well. Instead of being outright menacing, vampires these days have become to be known as overly romantic creatures that sparkle in the daylight. What the hell?

Sega Could Be Ressurecting The Presumably Canceled Aliens DS Game

Sega could be on the right track with their ownership of the Aliens video game franchise.  The world definitely wasn’t set afire when Aliens vs.

Bloodrayne: Betrayal Premier Image Is Interesting To Say The Least

Last month something cool happened: it was announced that the Bloodrayne franchise was making a comeback.  Sure, a game starring a redhead buxom half human/half-vampire femme fatale may not be the game for everyone, but the Bloodrayne games for the PS2 and Xbox back in the day were fun, therefore there was some general excitement for Bloodrayne: Betrayal.  Aside from the lingering Bloodrayne fans being excited for Rayne’s return (that’s her real name btw), a lot of people were also excited about the project since side-scrolling specialists WayForward (Contra 4) are handling the de

Centipede Gets Modern Era Reboot, Looks Interesting

At this point its standard practice to see classic games remade at some point.  Over the years we’ve witnessed classics like Pac-Man and Asteroids be reinvented for the modern audiences and occasionally these reboots tend to be good but other times they’re complete garbage.  Perhaps it’s just publisher/developer greed and incompetence that’s to blame for some of the more lacking classic game reboots or maybe it’s just because something that’s perfect doesn’t need to be remade as a 3D shooter.

WB Interactive announces Batman: The Brave and the Bold for the Wii and DS

WB Interactive’s acquisition of developer Rocksteady isn’t the only Batman news today as WB Interactive has also announced Batman: The Brave and the Bold for the Wii and DS.

Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Nintendo DS

A few weeks ago interesting footage of an Aliens game for the Nintendo DS leaked online and was quickly taken down. Surprisingly the game looked quite good and seemed to be a combination of Metroid style gameplay while evoking memories of the old Aliens arcade game.   Sadly the hopes of fans were crushed as rumors spread that the Aliens DS game was the latest casualty in the list of cancelled Alien games following the Aliens RPG from Obsidian and the Gearbox developed Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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