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Saints Row IV Hands-on

Even though I’m starting to be considered a “professional” in this industry there are still defining moments that remind me that I am a gamer first and a writer second. The most recent example was last week when I received an email from the lovely people over at Deep Silver that contained a preview code for the upcoming Saints Row IV.

Saints Row has long been a series I’ve praised as being one of the rare few that understands that the original concept of gaming is about fun.

Saints Row IV Is Revealed, Superpowered Craziness To The Max

The 3rd Street Saints are back and yes, they’re doing things in a unique way that will likely make a shocking first impression on us.  We all knew that a new entry in the Saints Row franchise was in the works, even when THQ was a sinking ship, and now in the wake of Deep Silver acquiring both the IP and Volition the next entry in the series has finally been announced.

THQ Drops Insane, Preps Four New Projects

Somewhat expected to happen but still surprising nonetheless, THQ has announced that they’ve dropped Insane - the new IP from Hollywood film director Guillermo Del Toro and developer Volition.  Announced during THQ’s financial conference call yesterday afternoon, THQ pulled another Devil’s Third by relinquishing the rights to Insane and in turn return them to the original creator, in this case the talented Guillermo Del Toro.

THQ Rumored To Be Laying-Off 170 Employees [Updated]


THQ appears to be 0-2 in the good news department this week since after their current NASDAQ issues word has surfaced that the company is about to lay off 170 employees.  Industry centric gamers should be familiar with the previous culling THQ has done last year and the years before, all of which were sadly substantial and resulted in studios being closed or halved in size.

THQ Reportedly Cancels 2014 Line-Up, On The Cusp Of Closing [Rumor]

Over the past six years we’ve seen a lot of developers and publishers struggle to stay afloat.  There’s no denying that this current console generation has been the source of some of the best games we’ve ever played, but producing triple-A games with budgets that rival that of small Hollywood action films (Crank cost $15-20 million and Red Dead Redemption cost nearly triple that amount) isn’t easy and that has led studios to be shuttered and publishers to scale back their plans dramatically.  

Saints Row: Money Shot Isn't Cancelled, Likely To Be PSN Exclusive

In a matter of weeks we’re going to be transported to the wonderful land of Steel Port, a place where people can be attacked with dildos and hover jets can take to the streets to destroy gangs of Mexican wrestlers or cyber thugs. I’m of course referring to Saints Row: The Third, which may end up becoming the most entertaining yet silly game to hit consoles this generation due to the sheer combination of WTF moments it offers.

Saints Row: The Third Takes A Jab At Modern Warfare 3 In This New Trailer [Updated]

Seeing a rivalry between two similar and ever popular video games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield is normal, if not completely expected. Even with the rivalry that there is occasionaly we hardly ever see a game surface in which it tells another title to almost piss off through a brillant parody video.

A Famous Game Developer Joins The Action In Saints Row: The Third

After being consistently wowed by the content Volition is including in Saints Row: The Third I thought the studio may have finally reached its peak of giving us unpredictable content.  I had my doubts they would be able to top themselves with the TRON inspired level that’s included in the game since that alone offers a complete geekgasm homage that has rarely been seen in a game before.  There would certainly be moments in Saints Row: The Third that are totally unexpected but

Find Out What Happens When You Combine TRON With Saints Row: The Third

Exactly how much content Volition is cramming into Saints Row: The Third right off the bat is unknown for a few reasons.

THQ Is Going DLC Crazy With Saints Row: The Third

A major issue for some gamers this generation has been how DLC heavy certain games have been.  In one way it’s natural for a game to be supported with some post-release content but a lot of publishers/developers have gone overboard with it which has resulted in gamers simply being annoyed and disinterested in products.  It’s understandable why some publishers have been pushing DLC more and more since it allows an extra revenue stream with an almost guaranteed buy ratw since there’s an existing base already there.

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