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Review: Battlefield Hardline

Overall Feeling: 

Battlefield is known for being a military shooter but Hardline is looking to change all of that by completely shifting the setting and tone of the game to the tried-and-true Cops versus Robbers instead. Even traditional Battlefield game modes for multiplayer have been tweaked to make for a new experience, and while longtime fans of the series might be thrown off initially, give it a chance and you'll most likely think Hardline is the good cop instead of the bad one. 

The Pros: 

+Hotwire Mode is very refreshing and a fun twist on Conquest.
+The Cops vs Robbers campaign is a great new angle instead of world factions against each other.
+New weapon unlocking progression is money-based instead of rank and time sinks.

The Cons: 

-The 'flash your badge' mechanic in campaign works seldom when needed and seems silly at times.
-No big memorable set pieces for the campaign.
-Campaign tries to force you to play it as a stealth game instead of a true Battlefield.
-Aside from a few campaign sections, Hardline doesn't look current-gen at all. Rating : 

Best known as a militaristic shooter, Battlefield Hardline changes the formula completely, which can be a little jarring at first but eventually welcomed once you learn its offerings and simply accept it. The multiplayer is once again present and easily the biggest piece of Hardline that will keep you playing, but the campaign also returns with a much smaller scale story instead of world factions fighting it out across the globe. Visceral Games has dramatically changed Battlefield's setting and tone, but the core multiplayer gameplay still feels like a Battlefield at its heart.

Battlefield Hardline Launch Trailer Arrives

Counting down to the release of the next Battlefield title, Hardline? Well, to tide you over EA has released the official launch trailer today. The video features "I'm So Sorry" by Imagine Dragons, who apparently have just taken over the gaming world now thanks to their partnerships with EA and Riot Games...

Battlefield Hardline is set to release in just over a week's time, on March 17th, and will be available for virtually everything spanning across previous and current generation consoles as well as PC (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4).

Battlefield: Hardline Live, an Eight Day Competition for £10,000

Launch events are not a new concept, neither is the idea of a game tournament. However, what does feel somewhat shiny and new is the way that EA is handling it for their upcoming Battlefield: Hardline.

Announced today, EA will be holding a competition in London called Battlefield: Hardline Live. The idea is a real-life competition held between registered "crews" at a "secret location" somewhere in London over the course of eight days, March 18th to 25th.

Dead Space Franchise Reportedly Cancelled [Update]

The Necromorph killing days of Isaac Clarke may officially be coming to an end based on a new rumor that is circulating.

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Set To Include Notable Hip-Hop Duo

If you’re a fan of rappers being shoe-horned into video games then you’re in luck as EA has acquired some talent to appear in one of their forthcoming games.  For whatever reason they may have, EA has decided to put acclaimed rapper Big Boi, formerly of Outkast, and B.O.B. in Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. 

Not only will the duo contribute an original song in the third AoT entry, but they will also appear in the game - not just as bonus skins but as original characters. Yes, the marketing prowess of video game companies will never cease to amaze us am I right?

First Footage Of Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Features Lots Of Explosions

After going through the typical announcement cycle that publishers like to follow this generation, EA has finally released the first gameplay video for Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. The third installment of the AoT series sees two new protagonists step up in addition to a bigger focus on gritty gameplay with a cinematic edge compared to the previous entries which were almost plain in their execution.

First Wave Of Details For Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

Last week EA surprised us ever so slightly with the reveal of Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. For the past few months we had known that a new AoT game was likely a thing due to a series of rumors and hints, but the lack of Salem & Rios in the leading roles and the March 2013 release date were otherwise unexpected.  Despite holding their yearly Summer press event, EA decided to keep details on Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel to a minimum but thankfully a few details has arisen thanks to Game Informer.

Army of Two Is Officially Coming Back With Grittier Dudebro Action

The original dudebro classic is returning as EA has finally announced the next installment in the Army of Two franchise.  Absent at E3 this year, gamers wondered what would be next for the AoT franchise, especially in the wake of actor Joe Flanigan letting it slip that he would be voicing a character in the game.

Latest Dead Space 3 Screens Feature New Enemies and Lots Of Brown

Last month at E3 one of the many projects gamers wanted to see was revealed as EA finally lift the lid off of Dead Space 3.  We all knew that a third entry in the Dead Space series was happening, but with only unconfirmed rumors there was no knowing when or what the next entry in the sci-fi action-horror series would be.  Obviously we know what the end goal and direction of Dead Space 3 is now, and honestly it isn’t as spectacular as some had hoped it would be.

Dead Space 3 Is Finally Revealed...Sort Of At Least In These New Screens

EA may have just had some of their thunder stolen as the first screens of Dead Space 3 have leaked online.  News on Dead Space 3 has picked up in recent months with rumors pointing to the action being set on an icy planet and a co-op component being thrown into the mix.  Well for better or worse these screens confirm quite a few elements that will be in Dead Space 3 but the question is whether or not they’re actually make the game better or simply be detrimental to the experience.

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