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Exclusive Tommy Tallarico Interview

Why you will love Tommy Tallarico: GAMER OR NOT.

For those out there looking for a hero, seeking that special someone to look up to or even just in need of an icon to pray to at night. I’d like to introduce you to the genius that is Tommy Tallarico. I’ve been a huge fan of Tommy’s for decades and wanted to help spread the word of just whom this industry giant is and what he’s got up his sleeve for you (and your grandma). Tommy and I recently chatted over the phone and this is the contents of our conversation. 

Virgin Gaming Website Goes Live Includes Countdown

There have been rumors of Virgin making a return to games for a while. Now it’s been positively confirmed. A while back people looking over the E3 Floor Plan may have noticed that there was a booth slotted for Virgin, but now we have new information straight from the horse’s mouth.

Virgin could be making a return to the games industry

The multi media conglomerate Virgin could be making a return to their roots. Best known for their products ranging from cell phones, music, TV and even soda, Rumored to be announced at E3, Virgin honcho Richard Branson (the dude who wants to make space travel commercial) could appear to announce Virgin’s return to video games.

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