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Versus Verdict: Ratchet and Clank Win

Our second ever versus match was one that will be remembered in the video game fictional fight history docs, and our winners for the “Who Brought the Lube Showdown 2011” are Ratchet and Clank.

Versus: Commander Sheppard vs. Master Chief

We here at Shogun Gamer are starting a new feature article that will be released weekly. It's called, Versus. It's kind of like a deadliest warrior for gamers. We give you two characters from the video game universe, put them down in an environment that we think would even the odds and let you, the readers, decide the outcome. Of course you may have trouble deciding when it comes down to the crucial finale. So we'll also put some info up on the characters that we've decided to put face to face in their fight to the death.

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