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Vancouver's Nintendo 3DS Launch Party

In the world of the Gamer there is no larger event than the launch of a new console. Considering we generally only get to see one every five years or so, it would be easy to compare a video game console launch to the Olympics. That in mind, a smaller hand-held launch like this weekend’s launch of the new Nintendo 3DS might be compared to something like the winter Olympics (assuming you’re not of Canadian heritage, because arguably those are far more interesting to us).

Exclusive Tommy Tallarico Interview

Why you will love Tommy Tallarico: GAMER OR NOT.

For those out there looking for a hero, seeking that special someone to look up to or even just in need of an icon to pray to at night. I’d like to introduce you to the genius that is Tommy Tallarico. I’ve been a huge fan of Tommy’s for decades and wanted to help spread the word of just whom this industry giant is and what he’s got up his sleeve for you (and your grandma). Tommy and I recently chatted over the phone and this is the contents of our conversation. 

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