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Activision Outlines Their New Plans (True Crime canned, new CoD service)

I think Activision has hit a new time low today while still maybe recognizing that they should improve things but at the same time looking like a completely soulless corporation.  Announced during their financial report, Activision has decided to cease development on the 2011 version of Guitar Hero along with revealing that they don’t plan to release a new iteration in the Tony Hawk Skateboarding franchise. In addition to Guitar Hero getting the axed, DJ Hero has also been given the pink slip and so have the developers behind it.

True Crime: Hong Kong Emerges From Deep Cover In These New Screens

I guess Activision may have felt generous today as the company released a few new screens of True Crime: Hong Kong, their reboot of their once popular rival to GTA.  Personally I’m excited for True Crime: Hong Kong as I flipped out when the game was announced at the Spike VGAs in 2009. But since the game was announced back in late 2009, Activision hasn’t exactly been too forthcoming about the project, more so in the wake of the games delay from Winter 2010 to Summer 2011.

Sony Reveals Mystery Mod Racers and Sackboy Racer Bonus.

Playstation.Blog today unveiled a few new ModNation Racers goodies for fans of the latest in Sony's "Play, Create, Share" gaming idea.

The first is the announcement of the newest addition to the racing roster of ModNation Racers, LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy. Sackboy of course, unless you been living in a cave, is the star of Sony's first "Play, Share, Play" venture, Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet.

Sucker Punch has a go with ModNation Racers [Video]

Being the PS3 fanboy that I am it kind of hasn’t dawned on me that ModNation Racers is coming out next month. I’ve been following the project but with the flurry of other games coming out, namely Red Dead Redemption, ModNation Racer has been pushed into the back recesses of my mind.

ModNation Racers gets a release date and pre-order content

Sony’s unique take on kart racing will soon be upon us as it was announced today that ModNation Racers is set for a May 25th release. Since being unveiled at E3 last year the game has caught the attention of many since its Sony’s latest game featuring the “Play, Create, Share” moniker.  Earlier this year the game received positive feedback from those who participated in the beta so it looks like Sony could have another hit on their hands. I wasn’t lucky enough to get in the beta which resulted in another piece of my gamer soul turning to ash.

New combat footage of Activision's True Crime reboot

To be honest when Activision premiered the trailer for the True Crime reboot at the Spike VGA’s in December I was hyped as hell.  Sure, True Crime never reached the same stature as GTA or even Sony’s The Getaway but I loved the first installments solid game mechanics and the somewhat silly story. Also how can you not like a game that has you using stealth to take out S&M freaks to the backdrop of a song titled “Ass & Titties”?

Get big air and jump over massive camels in this new ModNation Racers trailer

Watching this new trailer for Sony’s upcoming ModNation Racers makes me quite sad. It’s not because the game looks bad or I’m worried about something but I’m sad because I never got an early taste of the game via the beta that happened earlier this year. Yes, it’s time to whip out the violin and play a sad tune for the sorrow that is my gaming life.

Sony is taking ModNation Racers to the PSP

ModNation Racers hasn’t even been released on the PS3 yet but Sony already has big plans for the franchise as today a PSP version of the game was announced.  Even though the game is being ported to the PSP it will still offer the full list of customizable options that its PS3 brethren can do.  So that means players will be able to create as many MGS, Super Mario or Killzone inspired characters, cars and tracks as they want and then share their content with the rest of the ModNation Racers community.

Get a taste of ModNation Racers next week via the beta

If you enjoyed creating levels in LittleBigPlanet then you may be happy to hear that the beta for ModNation Racers, the next title in the “Play, Create, Share” genre, will begin on December 18.

So if you picked up the LittleBigPlanet GOTY Edition or are a current subscriber to Qore, or become one before Dec. 15, then you’ll be able to participate in the unique take on the kart racing genre that developer United Front Games has been working hard on.

Details and a trailer for Activision's Black Lotus

When it comes to digging up info on unannounced or cancelled projects the Superannuation blog is pure magic. For them getting info on a game that was just teased an hour ago is as easy as pulling a rabbit out of a hat. And for that I bow my head to them for getting the goods.

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