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Not coming to TV this season: The Ubisoft Office

In between cranking out hits like Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia, the team at Ubisoft Montreal likes to get loose every now and then.  After all, the video game industry is generally known for being fun oriented and that’s on full display in this video from a few of the folks from Ubisoft Montreal.

Outland journeys to the PSN and XBLA with this beautiful trailer

Last month Housemarque, the team behind Super Stardust HD and the upcoming zombie game Dead Nation, revealed Outland – a game that once again is a huge departure from their previous efforts.  While Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation may share a core foundation (twin-stick shooting) the two games are still radically different. But Outland truly is a game unlike anything Housemarque has done before as it’s a wonderful smash-up of 3rd person action/platforming, side-scrolling gameplay and shmup action.

Ubisoft announces Beyond Good & Evil HD

We may still be diligently waiting for Beyond Good & Evil 2, but at least Ubisoft is letting PS3 and Xbox 360 users have a go with BG&E1. Yes, Ubisoft have announced that they’re bringing an HD version of Beyond Good & Evil to the PS3 and Xbox 360 next year.  The game will offer gamers the same thrilling experience that received nothing but praise from gamers and critics when it was released for the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox back in 2003.

Ubisoft 3DS line-up has some big names but will they be hits?

If games like Resident Evil: Revelations, MGS: Snake Eater 3D or Kid Icarus don’t tickle your fancy then perhaps Ubisoft’s offerings for the Nintendo 3DS will. Along with the Japanese heavyweights like Capcom and Konami, Ubisoft unveiled a few new games for Nintendo’s snazzy new handheld.

Ubisoft Spotlight [PAX Prime]

Article Photos By Cynthia Griffiths

One of my first appointments on the show floor at PAX Prime 2010 was with the guys over at Ubisoft. Originally the plan was to see Child of Eden as soon as possible, but unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict the game wasn’t actually viewable at the show this year. That didn’t mean that there weren’t plenty of other gems present though, and here’s where I’ll spot light a select few that caught my attention while being lead through the booth.

New Bloody Good Time trailer tries to tickle the funny bone

When it comes to humor in movies, TV or video games I’m an absolute harsh critic.  I can appreciate a good gag or even a simple retelling of a classic joke but often when I see what’s thought of as funny by the casual audience I remain as stoic as one could be.  TV shows such as “The Big Bang Theory” do absolutely nothing for me and shows like that are almost the antithesis of what comedy should be, you know actually funny and illicit laughter from the audience through original and witty jokes.

Ubisoft shows the harshness of the film industry in Bloody Good Time

The film industry can be a tough business as stars can fade, movies can flop and studios can crumble. But I don’t think the film industry is as harsh as it will be in Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter Bloody Good Time. Announced for the first time today, Bloody Good Time is a new multiplayer based shooter that will show gamers just how tough the film business can be.

Ghost Recon readies a new mission exclusively for the Wii

After infiltrating the PS3 and Xbox 360, the tactical action of the Ghost Recon series is finally hitting the Nintendo Wii.  Well, Ghost Recon is indeed coming to the Wii but it isn’t entirely of the tactical variety. In fact, don’t go into Ghost Recon Wii expecting a tactical shooter akin to its HD brethren as the Wii version is balls to the wall action.

QuarterSave: Jailbroken Edition EP47

This week’s very special episode of the QuarterSave podcast deals with the recent changes that have been going on with regards to how media is used. Specifically the fact that jailbreaking an iPhone is now 100% LEGAL. That ends up being a good chunk of the show honestly, as we’ve both been playing with the new iOS4 on our iPhones and some of the features that are presented via jailbreaking (LEGALLY) as well as our trending topic about the other changes that the bill introduced (ability to rip owned DVDs, etc).

Ubisoft Announces Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition.

Ubisoft unveils the details today surrounding the batch of goodies that will come with the Collector's Edition of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. It will cost you about $100 and will come in two variations depending on where you purchase your edition.

The centerpiece of the collection will be two unique Jack-in-the Boxes collectibles with working key that you insert and turn to pop out either a Harlequin head which is a Gamestop only exclusive or a Doctor head which will be available at all other retailers.

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