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Ubisoft Is Looking Into Doing Kinect Adaptations Of Major Franchises

It may still be early in its life as a gaming peripheral, but this year could be the make or break moment for the Kinect.  So far we’ve seen glimpses at brilliance with the Kinect but it’s often been in games that are mildly entertaining at best and really don’t fit the core gaming label. Microsoft will no doubt continue to push the Kinect through its first party efforts or signing exclusive deals with studios such as Grasshopper Manufacture to produce games for the motion sensing system.

Skateboarding Games Could Be A Thing Of The Past Based On Recent Sales Figures

In the late 1990s skateboarding blew up as a sport in the mainstream. Thanks to the ever growing popularity of the X-Games, skateboarding found a new audience which later found themselves becoming their own skateboarding legends via video games like the Tony Hawk series from Activision. Many gamers and skateboarders credit the Tony Hawk franchise for further spreading the gospel of skateboarding and it certainly did do a lot for the sport.

Ubisoft's I Am Alive Is Still Surviving, Bound For Release This Year

Does anyone remember I Am Alive at this point? I think the wide answer to that question will be no and only core gaming enthusiasts (folks with too much time on their hands, no life or a brain that absorbs vast nuggets of info such as myself) will remember Ubisoft’s survival adventure game.  Announced at E3 2008, I Am Alive made quite a splash at the show since the promise it held was incredible.

Ubisoft reveals their new noir based mystery game for an unlikely platform

Maybe Rockstar Games' upcoming L.A. Noire will open the flood gates to more games taking on genre based period settings but maybe we'll see more games with a noir vibe.  It’s somewhat surprising we haven’t seen more games take on the dark and extremely moody confines that the 1940s up to the 1960s offer, but we’re slowly starting to see such a thing happen.

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D shows dinosaur fighting and it isn't that entertaining

There are a lot of games slated to appear on the 3DS, both in North America and Japan, but one that keeps popping up almost unexpectedly has been Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D.  Coming to us via Ubisoft, Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D is probably the most self-explanatory game ever as it's about dinosaurs battling it out. Nuff said on that front.

Beyond Good & Evil HD finally coming out but there's a catch...

Ubisoft may be dragging their feet when it comes to Beyond Good & Evil 2, but at least the company is giving us Beyond Good & Evil HD for the PSN and XBLA.  Announced out of the blue last year, the game is the latest in Ubisoft’s series of HD remixes but this time it seems like more attention is being paid to the game, perhaps because this re-release can serve as a launching pad for the series to become a hit

An Assassin's Creed RTS game could be in the works [RUMOR]

We may be in full holiday mode right now, but much to my chagrin interesting news continues to pop up.  Today we have a somewhat deliciously silly piece of news concerning the future of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.  Ubisoft has gone on record by saying that they wish to make the AC franchise become a yearly thing akin to Madden or Call of Duty.  We also know that Assassin’s Creed 3 is definitely on the cards and so could another installment of the AC: Brotherhood series<

Ubisoft plans on adding more depth to their games

Moving forward, Ubisoft could be using a different strategy when it comes to game development. In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Ubisoft North American President Laurent Detoc revealed that the company will actually be focused on making fewer games. Now before everyone gets in a tizzy, there is some good logic behind Laurent’s comments which in theory could result in Ubisoft becoming a better company.

Prince of Persia HD Collection announced, but there's a catch.

Today Ubisoft has confirmed the recent rumors and have officially announced the Prince of Persia Trilogy for the PS3.  The PoP Trilogy will feature Prince of Persia, Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within and PoP: The Two Thrones all on one Blu-ray disc. Aside from improved visuals (or not so improved based on the screens), the game will be fully playable in 3D. So if you’ve been wishing to see what platforming looks like in 3D than your wish has come true.

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