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Sony Could Become The Home For The Assassin's Creed Film Franchise

After entertaining us for the last few years the Assassin’s Creed franchise could finally be ready to make the jump to the world of film and Sony Pictures could be the driving force behind such a thing.  Variety is reporting that Sony Pictures is in negotiations to secure the film rights for the Assassin’s Creed franchise from Ubisoft, with a film likely to enter production within the next two years.

A Popular Assassin May Be Joining The Roster Of Soul Calibur 5

So far things are looking good for Soul Calibur 5 based on the small amounts of footage and details we’ve received so far.  Namco and Team Soul may not be drastically reinventing the Soul Calibur formula, but tweaking things a bit and even doing other things like downsizing the average chest size of a female character from a triple-D to a medium C cup hasn’t even left gamers mad.

Ubisoft Finally Reveals A Release Window For I Am Alive + A New Trailer

In a slightly uneventful announcement, Ubisoft has confirmed that their apocalyptic action-survival game I Am Alive will finally see release this Winter on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

I Am Alive Is Indeed Still Alive And Could Be Bound For Retail Soon

Ubisoft’s oft delayed I Am Alive could be awakening from its slumber as the ESRB have officially rated the game.  Last shown to the public nearly three years ago, Ubisoft hasn’t said much of anything concerning the direction and ultimate premise of I Am Alive and instead the only morsels of info we’ve received on the project have come in the form of a series of videos leaked last month.

Shoot Many Robots Hands-On [PAX Prime 2011]

We last encountered the Shoot Many Robots team back at PAX East, where we had by far and above the most fun of the entire convention. I was looking forward to seeing what new developments the Demiurge team had to share with us at PAX Prime, and to simply get my hands on this game again. One of the biggest news items surrounding the game would certainly have to be that this super fun title has now been picked up by Ubisoft.

Gamestop Gets Exclusive Assassins' Creed: Revelations Ultimate Bundle

GameStop revealed an exclusive Assassin's Creed: Revelations' Ultimate Bundle that will only be available to purchase at your local GameStop or via their website naturally since it's an retail exclusive.

When are game publishers going to stop jumping into bed with GameStop by providing them with exclusive editions or pre-order bonuses especially when GameStop seems pretty hellbent on discovering new ways to screw its customers (exhibit 1,453: GameStop's recent Onlive/Deus Ex: Human Revolution debacle) but that is another write up for another day.

The Mega Leaks Continue With A Look At Ubisoft's Tablet Device

A lot of different trends have popped up in gaming this generation, some of which have been targeted towards the casual audience.  Core gamers do know how to support certain properties but if you give casual gamers something with a bit of flash then they simply eat it up, a key example being Microsoft’s Kinect.  One trend that we haven’t seen too much in gaming but will surely grow on a bigger scale is the use of tablets for gaming.  THQ released their uDraw tablet for the Wii last year (the PS3/360 version is coming out this Winter) and Nintendo is of course prepping the Wii

Like The Black Eyed Peas? Well Here's A Look At Their New Video Game [Screens]

It’s normal for people to change slightly as the years go by but what the hell happened to the Black Eyed Peas?  Back in the late 1990s the group was a soul R&B group that had some nice buttery beats and some cool music videos.  But I guess the lack of huge album sales resulted in Fergie joining the group and Wil.I.Am turning into a black Astro Boy when the situation calls for it.

Child of Eden's PS3 Bonus Features Are Finally Revealed

All but a handful of people may care about this news, but it has been confirmed that the forthcoming PlayStation 3 version of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s triply shooting game Child of Eden will support the PlayStation Move and Stereoscopic 3D.  Schedule to appear on the PS3 in North America and Europe in September, Child of Eden’s newfound features were long rumored but often denied by certain staff members of developer Q Entertainment which led some to wonder what the hell was actually going on.  But now we can all get our synesthesia rave action on as we shoot space whales while moving

Ubisoft Reveals The New Assassin's Creed Short Film [Video]

People adore the story found in the Assassin’s Creed franchise and I likely would as well if it didn’t involve aliens and humanity being bred to be assassin’s or something like that.  I can totally dig a game set in ancient times with a lot of neck stabbing but finding out that Adam & Eve were the first assassin’s or at least rose up to our alien overlords is a bit silly and kind of kills any thematic tension for me.

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