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Hideo Kojima Mentions A Mysterious New Project

Hideo Kojima is up to his usual antics on Twitter and I’m not referring to him Tweeting about his journey to McDonalds to have a Texas 2 Burger.  Instead of talking about his meals and other things, all of which is usually cool, Kojima has made a classic stealth Tweet concerning his latest project. As always the Tweet is vague, somewhat elusive and is filled with no real details yet here we are, overly hyped because Kojima is a game god.

Tetsuya Nomura is bored. Decides to tease us via Twitter again.

Capcom’s Keiji Inafune thinks the Japanese development scene is in trouble. I personally believe that’s a load of bollocks as I think a far greater thing plagues the Japanese dev scene: Twitter. Since its inception various Japanese developers have hopped onboard the social network – some of whom actually share worth wild info.  But on the flipside of that you have folks like Hideo Kojima and Tetsuya Nomura who are probably the top 2 Twitter video game teases out there.

Capcom reportedly set to announce several new games at TGS

Just like when E3 occurs, the week leading up to a major event such as the Tokyo Game Show often results in the most insane posts, rumors and teases.  There are going to be surprise announcements abound at TGS this year, some of which will be courtesy of Capcom.

According to the Twitter profile for Capcom Europe, four new games will be announced at TGS along with some additional Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character reveals.

Hideo Kojima is giving us yet another announcement tease

At this point I fully believe that Hideo Kojima’s second passion after making games is teasing the video game community.  In the past Kojima’s teases have come to fruition often in cool reveals such as the Monster Hunter cross-over in MGS: Peace Walker. But I think Kojima secretly loves typing Twitter messages that get the gaming community and game “press” in a tizzy over what it could possibly be about.

As always, Kojima’s latest Twitter tease doesn’t reveal a whole lot so that means it’s time for random speculation time which will only lead to huge disappointment.

Ubisoft teases new mystery project [Update]

Ubisoft may have announced their E3 line-up but there will of course be a few surprises.  With games like TinTin, I Am Alive in Ubi’s roster of potential E3 attendees, another mystery project could be joining them.

LittleBigPlanet's Sequel Gets Exposed by Musician

According to a Tweet by a musician who goes by the moniker “Ochre,” LittleBigPlanet 2 has unofficially been outed. Ochre tweeted on his feed today that he has licensed a song titled “Infotain Me” that Sony plans to use in LittleBigPlanet 2. 

Hideo Kojima discusses his next game on Twitter. OMG it has to be ZoE3 right?

Maybe it’s time to dial things back when it comes to getting hyped over Twitter news. Sure, every now and then we get some good stuff but we’re just setting ourselves up for disappointment the more we invest into Twitter updates. A prime example of this is the latest post from the legendary Hideo Kojima. On his English Twitter profile Mr. Kojima posted the following:

Twitter Confirmed: Mass Effect 2 Launch DLC is FREE

For some time now we’ve known there was going to be DLC day and date with the launch, but there have been some concerns regarding the price point of the extra content. Thankfully today it was confirmed via BioWare’s Mass Effect 2 Twitter feed that the DLC available on the date of launch is going to be completely free. 

[quote BioWare via MassEffect2 Twitter] Addressing rumors: BioWare will not be charging extra for any new Mass Effect 2 content on launch day. More DLC details next week.[/quote]

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