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The World Of TRON Returns To Kingdom Hearts

Despite being a Kingdom Hearts fan I haven’t been paying too much to Kingdom Hearts 3D. With my current portable action destined to be on the PlayStation Vita fulltime I had kind of pushed KH3D aside partly because it seemed to be a bit of a rehash and because the KH series has gotten somewhat nonsensical as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the general concept of Kingdom Hearts but the series has somewhat become too big for its own good and honestly, I think most gamers just want a legit version of Kingdom Hearts 3 instead of prequels. 

New Disney Mash-Up Game Surfaces Dubbed Disney Universe

At this point I think most of us really don’t care about what Disney Interactive has to offer us.  After firing a good chunk of their staff and closing Propaganda Games, Disney Interactive really didn’t have much to appeal to core gamers since their newfound focus was now set on entering the casual games/Facebook market.  The news that Split/Second developer Black Rock Studios was working on a new game is certainly promising, but let’s not be too naïve in thinking that game wil

TRON: Legacy [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

TRON: Legacy may be a film that doesn’t offer an immense amount of character or cutting edge story elements, but as a whole the film is one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen this year and it’s a complete orgy to the eyes from a visual perspective. The film may not have that same amount of computer references as the original film had, but this is still a TRON movie despite all the changes that have been made. With action that is perfectly directed and entertaining to watch, a nice cast that brings some depth and likeability to their characters and a plot that offers more than a simple tale of a guy being stuck inside a computer, TRON: Legacy has lived up to the hype and will surely please the fans of the franchise.

The Pros: 

Director Joe Kosinski has created a world that perfectly encapsulates the core sensibilities of the old TRON while taking it to the next level. Visually, the movie is an absolute gem as the special effects are stellar and the design of the world is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and of course Jeff Bridges all turn in really good performances that help to establish a connection to the audience – or at least to me. Daft Punk’s score is a nice combination of buttery beats and orchestral arrangements that soothe the soul. There are a ton of callbacks to the original TRON including a potential set-up to a TRON: Legacy sequel.

The Cons: 

Not enough scenes with TRON. While he may have a strong presence in the film, I would've liked to see more of Clu in action. The lack of obvious tech lingo being thrown around may disappoint the hardcore fans of the franchise. Rating : 

Upon first seeing TRON as a kid in 1993 I really didn’t know what to expect from the film. Having missed out on the first few minutes but still knowing the basic jest of the plot (dude gets sucked into a computer world), my young mind was trying to process what was going on along with figuring out if the film was as dire as some had made it out to be.  Even at a young age, I knew that TRON had a reputation for being “silly” or “bombing” at the box office, but being a geek I felt compelled to watch it.

TRON: Legacy soundtrack dated and bonus goodies announced

Fans of buttery beats and the world of TRON will be happy to hear that Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy soundtrack will be available on November 22nd.  For the folks who haven’t been following every piece of info concerning TRON: Legacy like I have, the iconic techno duo Daft Punk is behind the original score for Disney’s upcoming sequel to the cult classic TRON.

New Epic Mickey trailer reveals that Mickey is entering the Game Grid

Amidst all the major TGS news that broke today, Disney released a brand new Epic Mickey trailer that I think everyone should take note of.  I know the core audience of our Shogun readers who will actually buy/rent/or play Epic Mickey is limited but for those interested in the project such as I am, it’s time to get even more excited based on the small snippets revealed in this new trailer.

[PSA] TRON: Legacy soundtrack website is now up

This isn’t exactly big news, but the official website for the TRON: Legacy soundtrack is now live. The reason this is worth noting is because Daft Punk is composing the score for the film. Techno buttery beats combined with slick visuals and action should make for a mix that will blow the collective minds of every TRON and sci-fi action fanboy out there.

Take a peek behind the scenes of TRON: Evolution [Video]

As much of a TRON fan as I am, I’m very apprehensive about TRON: Evolution, the upcoming video game tie-in for TRON: Legacy.  I definitely want to see the world of TRON represented with gorgeous HD visuals, but after playing countless movie tie-in games, perhaps too many for my own good, I’m of course wary that TRON: Evolution will actually be good.

The Collector's Edition announcements continue with TRON: Evolution

At this point my fandom of TRON has been well documented on the site. I absolutely adore the world of TRON ever since I saw the original film as a young lad and TRON: Legacy is easily my most anticipated film of the year.  With 2010 being the year of TRON amongst the various realms of geekdom, the franchise will of course have a big impact in the world of gaming, which is rather fitting given the context and inspiration of TRON.

Disney and Marvel team up for TRON comic book

Last week was amazing if you’re a fan of TRON since the San Diego Comic Con served as the source of an overflowing amount of goodness.  Not only was there a panel with the TRON: Legacy cast, but a new 8 minute clip was shown along with a new theatrical trailer that was simply awe-inspiring.  Now the TRON hype machine continues to blaze down the Game Grid with the announcement of TRON: The Betrayal from Marvel Comics.

Enter the Game Grid of TRON via your iPhone/iPod Touch

This week ought to be called the Week of TRON as TRON’s impact at the San Diego Comic Con will be huge this week. Not only is a good chunk of the cast going to be there, but extended footage will also make its debut which in turn will hopefully find its way online.  To celebrate this week of geek/tech/sci-fi goodness Disney has released the first of many TRON apps for the iPod Touch/iPhone.

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