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Traveller's Tale Games

Lego Pirates of Caribbean: The Video Game Trailer Debuts Along With First Screens

If you are like me then one of your favorite guilty pleasures in video gaming is enjoying the casual and fun gaming experience that Traveller's Tales Lego series has brought to your favorite console.

Set to sail this May, Traveller's Tales will bring Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game to a shore near you and today unveiled the debut trailer along with the first batch of screen shots for your viewing pleasure.

More wizardry goodness from Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 [Video]

The team at Traveller's Tale Games are clearly the people to go to when it comes to Lego games. At this point TT Games are Lego veterans. They have produced a plethora of Lego games for franchises such as: Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman.  Some folks, such as myself, may think that the Lego franchise has run its course but looking at Lego Harry Potter I may have to change my stance.

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