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Canada Cup Gaming - April Duels II [Wrap-Up]

This past weekend Vancouver (…or technically Richmond) played host to one of its very first professional-level tournaments. Canada Cup Gaming brought their April Duels second outing to Vancouver, and we were lucky enough to be invited to come down and watch all of the action.

The tournament took place over the span of two days, and encompassed four of the major fighting game franchises: King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Vancouver Hosts April Duels This Weekend

I play a fair bit of fighting games. I’ve even had delusions of becoming a professional gamer in the realm of Street Fighter. So, as far as eSports are concerned, I get pretty hype about the fight-game tournament scene… Those in the know probably get what I’m working up to here: Vancouver is playing host to its very first major fighting game tournament this weekend April Duels.

Cyber Gaming StarCraft II Tournament #5 Video Coverage & Edward StarCraft Interview

Last week Cyber Gaming teamed up with Memory Express for the fifth instalment of their StarCraft tournament series. This tournament was definitely a step forward for CyberGaming, as their event more than tripled in size when compared to their previous tournament.

Cyber Gaming StarCraft II Tournament #5, and the Winner is!

Last week Cyber Gaming teamed up with Memory Express for the latest installment #5 in their StarCraft tournament series. Luckily we at Shogungamer were there to cover this amazing tournament  This tournament was deffinetley a step in the right direction.

Big Smile Reviews: Diifii reports from Dramatic Battle fighting tournament London.

Diifii reports from London's Dramatic Battle fighting tournament! These regional tournaments are being held to decide the contenders for the 2009 Super VS Battle. Get a first hand look inside the event, interviews with attendees and some classic fighting action.

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