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Top Hand Rodeo Tour

Top Hand Rodeo Tour Trailer Proves That Entertainment Can Be Found Anywhere

At this point being a cowboy is something gamers are perfectly fine with since it can be freaking cool.  Whether it’s dishing out justice in Red Dead Redemption or unloading a six shooter into an evil-doer in Call of Juarez, cowboys is something the video game business needs more of.  As of now we may not be on the verge of cowboys becoming the next bald space marine in how they’re over-used, but there is room for expansion.  Well now we’re going to receive a new cowboy game albeit of the modern variety via Top Hand Rodeo Tour.

Become a cowboy in Top Hand Rodeo Tour

So far we’ve seen a rather diverse line-up of games for the PlayStation Move.  Whether it’s a casual party game, a brain busting puzzler, or a hectic action game, the PlayStation Move seems to have everything covered. But what about those who want to become a cowboy and lasso a calf or tame a wild horse? Well later this year gamers can make that a reality in Top Hand Rodeo Tour.

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