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Tommy Tallarico

Exclusive Tommy Tallarico Interview

Why you will love Tommy Tallarico: GAMER OR NOT.

For those out there looking for a hero, seeking that special someone to look up to or even just in need of an icon to pray to at night. I’d like to introduce you to the genius that is Tommy Tallarico. I’ve been a huge fan of Tommy’s for decades and wanted to help spread the word of just whom this industry giant is and what he’s got up his sleeve for you (and your grandma). Tommy and I recently chatted over the phone and this is the contents of our conversation. 

Watch Video Games Live anytime you want starting next month

The symphony event that is Video Games Live is something that some gamers aren’t able to experience first-hand.  Even though Video Games Live is always on tour, both in the states and internationally, there are those out there who just either don’t have the time or money to see the epic event that is VGL.  In some cases, gamers were even screwed out of seeing the television debut of Video Games Live as certain PBS stations didn’t pick the program up. So what are gamers who love video game music supposed to do?

PSA: Video Games Live PBS special set to air this month

In case you didn’t mark it on your calendars, the Video Games Live PBS special is set to air later this month.  Marking the first time VGL has been televised, the special clocks in at 90 minutes of video game music goodness with games such as Final Fantasy, God of War and Halo represented. With a line-up like that how could you forget that the special was this month?

Video Games Live PBS special dated

Video games have definitely come a long way and that’s evident by the success of Video Games Live.  Starting over four years ago, Video Games Live has toured all over the world playing music from classic video games ranging from Mario, Medal of Honor and Tomb Raider.  Now Video Games Live is getting a big push in the mainstream arena as a PBS special is scheduled to air later this summer.

Gameloft gives an update on EarthWorm Jim HD

Earthworm Jim fans were a bit bummed out when the PSP sequel developed by Shiny Entertainment was cancelled awhile back ago but now you can wipe those tears away with the latest news on Gameloft’s planned EarthWorm Jim revival for digital distribution platforms.

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