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Thief 4

Square Enix Expands Montreal Team + Opens New Studio (Interesting Hitman News Inside)

Things are going good for Square Enix ever since the company bought the remnants of Eidos back in 2009.  Unlike most mergers or major acquisitions, Square Enix didn’t cannibalize what was left of Eidos but instead decided to nurture the company and make it an integral part of the Western centric goals that Square Enix has.  With the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution being a success for both Square Enix and the team at Eidos Montreal, Square Enix has revealed their plans to strengthen the development team in Montreal as well as what the future holds for the team.

Thief 4 Storyboard Images Give Us A Small Look At The Game

Now that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has gone on to become a mega hit Eidos Montreal will be able to put their full efforts into Thief 4. Long in development and publicly announced to a degree, details on Thief 4 have remained as elusive as the titular character, with only minor glimpses or murmurs here and there.  Square Enix has been keeping Thief 4 in the shadows for now but we’re bound to get a proper reveal in the coming months, either at E3 or even earlier at an event like GDC.

A Blurry Screenshot of Thief 4 Emerges, But At Least It's Something

I may be excited for it, but amidst all the other games being released or announced, I kind of forgot that Square Enix was still making Thief 4.  Unlike other games whose development has about fifteen different layers of subterfuge to it, Thief 4 was indeed announced publicly to be in development, though not a single peep has been said about it.  The lack of immediate publicity and or details for Thief 4 can likely be stemmed from how Eidos Montreal is handling the project and as we all know they’re busy finishing up the possible GOTY candidate that is Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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