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TGS 2012

Latest Remember Me Video Showcases Some Rather Original Combat Mechanics

The forthcoming sci-fi action game Remember Me, which has no connection to the romance drama starring the dreamy R-Pat, has received it’s second public showing since being unveiled at Gamescom last month.  Developed by the Paris based Dontnod, Remember Me received some buzz but it was also accused or at least commented on by gamers that the game bared a striking resemblance to other games; the only exception being that it took place in an elaborate sci-fi world.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Receives A Release Date + New Combat Heavy Trailer

As nice as it would’ve been to see Injustice: Gods Among Us be released this year, the game was always pegged for a 2013 release.  When WB Games and NetherRealm Studios announced the game in early June it seemed as if it would’ve been a key candidate for a Holiday 2012 release, but unlike other corporate minded studios WB knows better than to rush a game to retail far ahead of when it’s completed.

Open Me Tasks Vita Owners To Open Up Boxes

So far the Tokyo Game Show hasn’t delivered a slew of new triple-A PS3 games nor has it heralded the return of games such as The Last Guardian, but it has provided us with a new game for the PlayStation Vita.  Sony still seems to be downplaying, if not ignoring the Vita, during key press events despite software being available - some of which is entirely new and previously unannounced.

More Action and Drama Is Shown In This New DmC Trailer

DmC has made yet another public showing, and as what we’ve seen in recent months the game continues to make a positive impression.  Things certainly started out rough for the re-envisioned world of Dante, but Ninja Theory has been on a roll as of late and that certainly rings true of the new TGS 2012 trailer.  

First Look At The Bosses Of Metal Gear Rising [Video/Screens]

As much as TGS is associated with the PlayStation brand, gamers also think of Metal Gear Solid once September rolls around.  Konami and Kojima Productions may share some Metal Gear love to other industry events such as E3, but TGS is usually the one place in which we can look forward to receiving a somewhat excessively long trailer that ends with a comedic stinger.  Such a tradition still holds true for TGS 2012 as we have an extended, and rather revealing, look at Metal Gear Rising.

Keiji Inafune's Yaiba Revealed As Ninja Gaiden Spin-Off

The 2012 installment of the Tokyo Game Show has officially kicked off more or less thanks to Sony’s dull if slightly predictable press conference.  In some ways TGS has always been known as a PlayStation centric event, but the show is far from being a complete dud as of now. While announcements will be made and new reveals of existing games will be shown, we do have our first true surprise of the show thanks to Keiji Inafune and the folks over at Tecmo Koei.

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