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TGS 2010

Final Fantasy versus XIII TGS 2010 trailer in non-bootleg form!

At TGS last month, Square Enix once again showed a new albeit very small clip of Final Fantasy versus XIII. Despite having Square Enix ninjas abound in the booth, someone managed to capture the footage which in turn made its way online.  But it seems that Square Enix is slowly wising up to the demand gamers have as they’ve actually released the trailer that included the FF vs. XIII footage.

Bulletstorm: TGS 2010 Gameplay Demo Video

Check out the TGS 2010 gameplay demo footage for People Can Fly and Epic Games'  wild FPS, Bulletstorm with developer commentary courtesy of Epic Games producer, Tanya Jessen.

The short gameplay footage features a trip through a collapsed building and a new weapon called "The Bouncer", a cannonball firing weapon of destruction.

Knights Contract has an incredible new trailer

With massive reveals like Devil May Cry and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 taking the spotlight at TGS, there were a few games that in a way went under the radar amongst the press and general attendees.  Maybe it’s the Western style or that fact that it has witches and magic, but Knights Contract from Namco Bandai looks like it’s shaping up nicely so far.

Namco Bandai announces a new Tekken game

I don’t know what spurred this, but now is an absolutely blissful time to be a fan of fighting games.  With stuff like Super Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat 9, and the double whammy of Street Fighter vs. Tekken and Tekken vs.

Tokyo Jungle premier trailer enters the jurassic period

A few weeks ago Sony announced Tokyo Jungle, a new game from Sony Japan and the PlayStation CAMP program.  When the game was unveiled in Famitsu there was a level of interest since the concept of the game pits different animals against one another. But then some in-game screens were later released and it was almost a disappointment-ton type case as Tokyo Jungle is a 2D side-scroller.

Two major characters are announced for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

When Capcom announced that Tron Bonne and X-23 would be joining the roster of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 it was definitely a nice thing.  As awesome as Ms. Tron and X-23 are, gamers couldn’t help but be a little bit disappointed that Capcom’s latest roster update didn’t feature any major characters or huge fan favorites.  As much as we would like to blame Capcom, the company has once again pulled through for gamers once again with yet another roster reveal.

Shogun Gamer News Wrap-up: Sept. 13 - Sept. 17

This past week was definitely an epic one on the news front.  With the Tokyo Game Show going down, we got wonderful new announcements (Yakuza 5, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD) while we also got a few that were epic facepalms (Devil May Cry).  For the past two years TGS

Capcom is reviving the Steel Battalion franchise for an unlikely platform

Back in the ye olde days of the original Xbox, Capcom released a game that was an absolute dream for mech fans.  Now this wasn’t any ordinary mech game featuring anime inspired designs and fast paced combat.  Instead, Capcom gave us Steel Battalion, a game that was slow, methodical and had the biggest and most expensive controller ever released.  Featuring a controller that had two joysticks, foot pedals and about 50 different buttons, Steel Battalion was about as hardcore one could get with the m

Leaked Final Fantasy vs. XIII footage from TGS 2010

With TGS 2010 well underway, the show has once again not yielded any major updates for Final Fantasy vs. XIII.  In fact, Square Enix hasn’t given a single peep on what we can expect from the game aside from random musings from Game Director Tetsuya Nomura.  The ironic thing about this scenario is that FF vs. XIII is actually at the Square Enix TGS booth in the Mega Theater, which once again forbade the use of cameras.

New TGS trailer for Vanquish is high on the action and drama

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, another highly kick-ass and testosterone filled trailer for Vanquish is released.  The last trailer we got for Vanquish was stellar and high octane but this new one for TGS is far better for one key reason: lots, and lots of things go boom.

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