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TGS 09

See inventive ways to kill zombies in these new Dead Rising 2 videos

Finally thanks to TGS we have some new footage for Dead Rising 2 including our first look at the inventive multiplayer mode.  If you’re looking for fun ways to kill zombies then DR2 is the game for you and people will definitely get a kick out of some of the new weapons.

Among the new weapons players can use to kill the endless zombie horde include combining a pitchfork and a shotgun to make an almost modern take on the bayonet.

Final Fantasy XIII shows off its amazing visuals in these new images and videos

It wouldn’t be TGS without an appearance by a Final Fantasy game and this year its Final Fantasy overload as FFXIII is on full display to hype up its December release in Japan.

So far there’s not a lot to learn from the new playable demo and accompanying videos and images other than FFXIII looks amazing and the Summons are awesome.  I’m sure we may learn a few new details in the upcoming days once more demo impressions come in.

Gran Turismo 5 is ready to cross the finish line (kind of)

If you’ve been looking forward to the release of Gran Turismo 5 then you won’t have to wait much longer to experience the latest edition of the Real Driving Simulator as the game is slated to be released on March 31….in Japan.  Yup, GT5 finally has a release date but one still hasn’t been given for North America and Europe which is leaving some GT fans a bit ticked off.

Sony gives us another look at its upcoming motion controller

After premiering at E3 we now have some additional details on Sony’s upcoming motion device for the PS3 including a release date, which we all knew thanks to Sega, and what games will support the new peripheral at launch.

This new trailer for The Last Guardian will leave you wanting more

The Last Guardian may not be playable at TGS but a new trailer for the game has been released to tide over those wanting more info and media on the project.

This new trailer is a bit on the short side and doesn't really feature any new areas or gameplay footage but it does show off how damn beautiful the game is and how much detail Team Ico is cramming into everything.  I demand Sony release an interactive theme for the PS3 where it's just the cat-bird thing sleeping while occasionally stretching as I would gladly pay $2.99 for that.

Premier trailer for Last Ranker

Last week Capcom announced their new RPG game Last Ranker which is backed up by some heavyweight talent.  Besides having a dev team that has worked on games like Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry the game seems like it could be pretty solid based on the combat system that combines turn based actions with player controlled combat moves.

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