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If Tetris Were Real: Moving Day [Megasteakman]

Once again the guys over at Megasteak have thrown out another bit of video game/short film gold! If you’re a fan of Tetris (piss Tetris, like I do), then you’re sure to get a kick out of this one! The premise is a simple one: What if the rules of Tetris applied to real life? Gods know that I’ve abused my aptitude for stacking multi-coloured blocks in order to cram more sh*t into a suitcase I’m packing for a trip or whatever… the outcome in this video is a little less… positive.

First-Person Tetris is awesome

Tetris is easily the most timeless game ever made. While the tales and visuals crafted in SNES classics like Super Mario and modern day hits like Halo are amazing and are fun to play they simply don’t hold a candle compared to the simple yet always entertaining mechanics of Tetris.

Art and video games combine to make amazing

Earlier today Major Nelson posted on his Twitter account about some amazing photography by Marc Da Cunha Lopes (aka Aisakie). The imagery boggled my mind and ignited my imagination, so I decided I'd be kind enough to share it with you all.

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