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The Walking Dead: Survival Instict Set To Feature Two Key Actors

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep up with the latest season of The Walking Dead, but from what I’ve heard the show is still the rage these days due to the combo of zombies and surprise moments.  Say what you will about the caliber of The Walking Dead compared to other shows on AMC, but the simple fact is that people dig it since it’s solid for what it is. The popularity the AMC version of The Walking Dead has received of course meant there was one logical thing to do: create a spin-off video game.

The Walking Dead Is Receiving Another Video Game, This Time Of The FPS Variety

As if we didn’t have enough zombie games to begin with, Activision has announced that they will be releasing a video game based on the ever popular AMC TV series The Walking Dead. Now perhaps you’re doing a double take right now as there’s already a video game based on The Walking Dead via the folks over at Telltale Games.

Kinect Star Wars Footage Looks Amazing But Not For The Reasons You Would Think

Having a gap between generations when it comes to tastes, preferences, and favorite things is fine but I’ll never for the life of me figure out how youngsters can enjoy the modern day Star Wars offerings. Outside of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon on the Cartoon Network, Star Wars has transformed into something that is nowhere near the magical experience it used to be.  These days we’ve been stuck in the Clone Wars Saga for over a decade and I’m honestly a bit sick of it.

Kinect Star Wars Finally Receives A Release Date (Yippee!)

There may be attention around it for all the wrong reasons, but today Microsoft and LucasArts officially revealed the release date for Kinect Star Wars.  The Kinect centric game that has made gamers shudder with disgust hasn’t exactly had the best showing as of late, but maybe it’s just a case of old footage being shown. Or maybe the game is just as dreadful as it appears to be and will only be valuable for two things: it’ll give us comedy and possibly the most kick ass Limited Edition Xbox 360 console.

Kinect Star Wars Footage Once Again Shows That The Force Isn't Strong [Updated]

Yesterday we received a video that was very special for a lot of different reasons. While I may not have made a news post for said video, I did opt to make a brief post on the Shogun Gamer Facebook page. Our loyal readers may know what I’m talking about as I’m referring to the live-action promo video for Kinect Star Wars

The Dark Side Wins As Kinect Star Wars Has Been Delayed

The Force hasn’t been as strong as we thought it would be since Kinect Star Wars hasn’t had the greatest showing thus far.  Most games never kick things off with a simply jaw dropping start, but Kinect Star Wars failed to live up to the almost yearlong hype the game garnered since being announced at E3 2010.  To say that Kinect Star Wars was one of the biggest disappointments at E3 2011 would be a bit of an understatement but all hope may not be lost as the game has officially been delayed this year.

Something Mildly Good Finally Comes Out Of Kinect Star Wars: An R2-D2 Themed Xbox!

There may be a tiny bit of hope left for it, but as of now Kinect Star Wars looks like crap.  My feelings on the game aren’t rooted in me being a crazy Star Wars fan as I’m not but instead are based on my feelings as a gamer.

Kinect Star Wars Footage Looks Slightly Horrendous [E3 2011]

E3 2011 hasn’t officially kicked off yet but the vibe is in full effect, not only because I’m at a hotel located a few blocks away from the L.A.

Some Interesting Details Have Arisen For Star Wars Kinect

Do you still remember that Star Wars Kinect game that’s in the works? You know, the one that C-3P0 himself (Anthony Daniels) supposedly saw and said was looking good so far.  Well as skeptical as I want to be about an on-rails Star Wars game utilizing the Kinect, some interesting details have leaked which reveal that we just won’t be disposing of Stormtroopers and other such foes in what could become the biggest Kinect game released this year.

C-3PO Has Played Star Wars Kinect And Apparently Likes It

Do you remember the Star Wars Kinect project that was unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 conference last year? If you don’t I don’t blame you seeing as how the demo wasn’t gameplay (see this example) and honestly the prospect of playing an on-rails Star Wars game doesn’t sound that enticing compared to flailing ones arms like a complete madman in the hopes of killing Stormtroopers and defeating the Empire.

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