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Telltale Games Debuts The First Trailer For Jurassic Park: The Game

You give gamers anything that has dinosaurs in it and you’re guaranteed to get an audience of some sort, even if it starts out as a small one.  But if you give gamers and the mainstream audience in general a game with dinosaurs that just so happens to be based on the Jurassic Park franchise I think you may have an epic hit on your hands.  After sharing some details with us last month, developer Telltale Games has finally released the first in-game trailer for their upcomi

Telltale Games Reveals Two Exciting New Games Based On Hit Properties (Hint: they involve zombies and fairy tales)

As I correctly guessed last month, not to toot my own horn of course, developer Telltale Games has announced that they’re developing a new video game series based on the hit comic book/TV show “The Walking Dead.”  Last month Telltale Games teased us of an impending announcement involving a major property in both the comic book and entertainment world and as it turns out, we’re getting yet another zombie game.

Back To The Future: The Game - Episode 2 Trailer Has Lots of Tannen Action

Yesterday was a special day for PS3 owners as they were finally able to experience episode 1 of Back to the Future: The Game.  PC and Mac owners have been lucky enough to play the BTTF game for the past two months but now those who prefer the comfort of a PS3 controller to that of a mouse and keyboard can have themselves a fun time travelling experience as Marty McFly.

Back to the Future: The Game Finally Lands On The PSN This Month

For the past two months PC gamers have been lucky enough to enjoy the nostalgia filled adventure that is Back to the Future: The Game.  Developer Telltale Games may have only released the first episode of their BTTF game, but the reactions from gamers have all been positive and we actually have a movie licensed video game that isn’t a complete mess.

Telltale Games issues new tease, working on yet another licensed property (perhaps with zombies or vampires?)

Telltale Games is already busy with the Back to the Future and Jurassic Park games, but the studio will soon announce five new multiplatform games, one of which is said to be based on a popular TV show/comic book.  The news of Telltale’s impending projects comes from a recent invite Telltale sent out for an event that’s being held next month in which they’ll reveal the dino action of the Jurassic Park game along with their new endeavors.

Some images of Telltale Games' Jurassic Park game have finally emerged

Last weekend the internet blew up when the first details on Telltale Games’ upcoming Jurassic Park game finally surfaced.  Even though the Jurassic Park game wasn’t going to feature laser strapped dinosaurs or a highly intelligent breed of dinos who were commandos (like the JP4 script) the game still sounded really interesting.

Telltale Games finally sheds some light on their Jurassic Park game

I think in the wake of Telltale Games’ Back to the Future announcement some people had forgotten that the company was also working on a Jurassic Park game.  Announced last year before E3 kicked off, Telltale Games and Universal Pictures didn’t say much of the new Jurassic Park game other than one was in the works. But now with Telltale working on the BTTF games, which should be over by May or June at the latest, some details have finally crept in on the Jurassic Park game that’s currently in development.

First look at the Back to the Future video game

The sheer amount of geek anticipation is extremely high for Telltale Games’ adaptation of Back to the Future.  When the BTTF game was announced in June, the announcement was met was instant adulation instead of the standard gloom that accompanies most licensed games.

Potential Back to the Future video game ARG/viral site surfaces

We know that developer Telltale Games is working on an original game back on the classic “Back to the Future” film franchise as it was announced prior to E3.

Survey provides hints on the new Back to the Future game

Last month the video game community was abuzz with the word that acclaimed adventure game developer Telltale Games was developing a game based on the classic “Back to the Future” franchise.  While we didn’t get any info on the project via E3, we now have an ideal of what time travelling adventures Telltale is cooking up thanks to a survey.

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