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Tecmo Keoi

Fatal Frame’s Lost Decade

2005 was a very different landscape for horror games; Resident Evil 4 had only been released that year and exclusively on Gamecube, the now ubiquitous 'over-the-shoulder' view was fresh and new, the emergence of J-horror films in the western market revitalized the genre for a few years, and the cult-classic horror game franchise Fatal Frame would see it's last North American release for an entire decade. It's been a long ten years for a franchise that was held by fans in the same regard as heavy hitters Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Nintendo Announces The Official Software Launch Roster For the 3DS

After somewhat dilly dallying around the subject with vague comments and using the term “launch window”, Nintendo of America has officially revealed the launch roster for the Nintendo 3DS.  Nintendo has already told gamers in Europe and Japan what they can expect when the company’s newfangled 3D capable device is released but gamers in North America have been left playing the guessing game in the hopes that something worth wild will surface.

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