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Team Ninja

Tecmo Koei Formally Reveals DOA5 Plus and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus For PS Vita

The head of Team Ninja may have let the cat out of the bag this past weekend, but Tecmo Koei have “officially” announced the forthcoming PlayStation Vita arrival of the Dead or Alive franchise.  Presented in a package that will be familiar to DOA fans, Vita owners will be able to experience Dead or Alive 5 Plus, a rather straightforward port that is adding a few tricks into it’s existing repertoire. 

The Long In Development And Slightly Forgotten Action Epic Ni-Oh Is Still In Development

In news that I think no one saw coming, Tecmo Koei has revealed that work on the action game Ni-Oh is still underway.  Most of you out there must be asking what the hell Ni-Oh is since it’s a game that hasn’t been shown in the past year or so.  Well if you’ve been around the block for a while, you may remember Ni-Oh as the first “next-gen” game Koei unveiled, way back at E3 2005.

New Ninja Action Is Abound In These Ninja Gaiden 3 Screens and Video

Despite whatever fads may have surfaced throughout the year’s ninjas are still cool and Ninja Gaiden 3 is proof of that.  The new folks heading up Team Ninja may have a different vision of what fast and bloody ninja action should be, but at the end of the day it’s still going to be fast and bloody ninja action – which I think it’s safe to say all gamers love.

Latest Ninja Gaiden 3 Screenshots Have Blood, Dudes With Glowing Hands, and More Blood

Ninja Gaiden 3 hasn’t left fans of the series as angry as the Devil May Cry reboot has, but to some the changes made to the Ninja Gaiden formula have been too drastic. Leading man Ryu may not look like he’s the world’s most proficient meth based martial artist, but the sudden tonal shift Ninja Gaiden 3 has undergone (more grit, less colorful fantasy worlds) has people longing for the return of former Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki.

More Martial Arts Mayhem Is Abound In This New Dead or Alive 5 Clip

This may be a bit late to the party based on when the initial reveal was, but Tecmo Koei have finally released the full version of the Dead or Alive 5 premier trailer. Announced last month at the Tokyo Game Show, the reveal of a new DOA entry wasn’t too surprising but what did take gamers aback was the new direction the title is taking which has been dubbed “fighting entertainment” by members of Team Ninja.

Team Ninja Is Set To Make A Special Announcement At TGS Next Week

Team Ninja may be hard at work on their latest major project in the form of Ninja Gaiden 3, but the team is ready to announce a wholly new endeavor at the Tokyo Game Show next week.  Teased via Twitter, Team Ninja has revealed that in addition to whatever Ninja Gaiden 3 goodness is slated to appear at TGS next week the studio will be unveiling an entirely new project as well that may or may not involve the return of a familiar franchise.

New Metroid Other M story trailer

Maybe it’s because I don’t bleed Nintendo blood but I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t more hype for Metroid Other M.  We’re less than a month away from a new Metroid adventure detailing the back-story of Samus Aran but there isn’t an immediate level of hype, which is just puzzling.

New screens and a release date for Metroid: Other M

Today Nintendo showed off a few of their 1st and 3rd party Wii and DS games at a special press event.  Besides showing more of the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Monster Hunter Tri, the event also had some Metroid goodness as well.  Since being announced at E3 last year the Nintendo-Team Ninja developed Metroid: Other M hasn’t been shown that much but thankfully that changed today.

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