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Team Fortress 2

Fist-Bump or Bitch-Slap: Valve or EASports

This is the love/hate relationship between the video game industry and myself. Every week I will pick someone who gets my Fist-bump for doing a good deed, someone who gets my undesirable Bitch-Slap for doing something wrong (or just something that pisses me off), and I'll share my experience/opinion along the way.

Valve and Gaming Heads Announce The Latest Team Fortress 2 Statue

A theme that seems to be establishing this week is for companies to unveil really cool video game statues that the average gamer probably won’t obtain due to the high cost.  Yesterday we saw the massive and perhaps bombastic Bayonetta statue, and today we have the latest offering from Valve and Gaming Heads in the form of the Team Fortress 2 Soldier statue.

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